Post-trip practices

Whenever I get back from Nigeria, after unpacking and adjusting to reality, the following happens:

  1. I keep in touch more regularly with the family back home.
  2. I listen constantly to the many cds that I bought.
  3. I speak Yoruba whenever possible with my parents, family in Nigeria, and anyone who speaks Yoruba.
  4. I regret not eating more boli (roasted plantain), epa (peanuts), and roasted corn.
  5. I’m inspired to be more focused on money-making ideas so I can positively impact the lives of the people I met.
  6. I miss the heat (Say what? The same heat I complained about on the regular?).
  7. I consider moving to Europe to be halfway between Nigeria and Canada.
  8. I wish I had access to the hair salons of Nigeria (at the same prices!).
  9. I regret not buying another kan kan (I always buy at least one but I always wish I had bought more), a hairnet (I like the Nigerian ones!), and hair for weaves (aka “fixing”) and Ghana-weaving (even though I only Ghana-weave or “fix” my hair when I’m in Nigeria).
  10. I smile remembering sweet moments (this time my cousin’s 1.5 year old son’s cuteness is dominating my memories).
  11. I start calculating how soon I can return (based on my bank account and accrued vacation time)!

What do like to do when you come back to reality?

5 thoughts on “Post-trip practices

  1. i agree with number 7 move to Europe…London to be specific :D

    hmm post trip habits..when i go to naija..i miss all the help i get especially with the little one…and wish i could import one of my aunties or cousins…selfish i know…

    • hehehehehe…it would be lovely to be close to you, to pick your brain in person rather than from a distance!

      Oh! I don't blame you for missing all the wonderful help…my mom really regretted that none of us children were born in Nigeria!

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