Prayers needed for my mother

It’s funny: I was just reading isha‘s blog where she says that she wonders if people actually pray for people when they say they will; that is, when someone shares a concern on their blog and everyone leaves a comment saying “I’ll pray for you”, do they?

Well I would like you to pray for my mom.

She has a few health problems and despite them, she maintains an air of cheefulness and invincibility and faith in God, though of course she does have her moments when she’s in too much pain to smile. She is unbelievably strong though, and the Lord has seen her through a lot of things.

That being said, something happened to her this afternoon that is causing her a lot of pain. I am asking for your prayers for my mom: for pain relief, for strength and for peace. Please.

15 thoughts on “Prayers needed for my mother

  1. I ALWAYS do, that phrase is not a figure of speech or something to say to someone. I've been spending a lot of time on my knees, I'll definitely keep mommy in my prayers.

    Thanks for being a great friend with awesome advice.

    Take Care, k, it'll be alright.

  2. May God grant her good health and relief.

    I cannot lie, I do not name names in my supplications but I always say to God to please answer the prayers of my family and friends as I may not always know what everyone asks for, neither do I always remember names.

    I know God never forgets his own.

    Take care my dear, it is well.

  3. i'll pray for your mama

    i know how it feels cuz my mother has had health problems before and i could do nothing but pray and as people to pray,she'll be okay i'm sure of it..Amen.


  4. " I say to you that if two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."

    We are all agreeing with you and your family on the issue of your mom's health. Know that it shall be well with her.

    dear lord i pray that you take all manners of sickness and pain away from the midst of GNG's mom. You are the Lord that heals us. Also father strengthen GNG, her siblings, and her dad; your word says you have not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind. Be their rock lord because it is not easy to see ones mom and wife deal with pain. Give them strength as they help her recuperate. Amen.

  5. Praying Now,…. May god strengthen your mother. I demand that that pain be ceased in the mighty name of Jesus. Comfort their family in this time. In Jesus name we pray amen. Go tell ya mama to celebrate, that pain has been removed by blogville prayer warriors….Amen and Amen…

  6. awwwwww….she will get her healin by the special grace…will def pray…

  7. Thank you so much everyone! I have been so touched by your comments and I shared with her that people are praying for her. She is taking some medication that is bringing her some relief, but she overdid it on Saturday (the woman will not stay still and has a strong sense of obligation) but I think she will sleep well tonight.

    But seriously, thank you so much for your prayers and please, keep praying. I believe it will be well.

  8. I usually say a short one for a lot of people without even saying I will, I tell my friends that God hears my prayers cos I dont pray a lot so when I do it becomes a priority…lol..

    I will say a prayer for ur mum now…love ya..

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