Presenting the bachelors and calling all my single ladies!

I’m so excited to present you with the list of nine bachelors who signed up for the Online Meeting Project (also known as the Online Dating Project)! And to the men whose applications are in progress — shame on you (but read to the end because you can still submit your profile!). Just to inform those who aren’t up to date, the nine men below are looking to meet a Nigerian woman for a serious relationship. How serious? Well, interested ladies will have to talk to the men to find that out!

This is how it will work (please read all three steps first!):

  1. Ladies will read the profiles below and be completely charmed by one or more of them.
  2. They will send an email to, indicating which of the 9 profiles caught their eye. Ladies may select more than one profile, but the maximum has been set at 3.
  3. The email in step 2 must also include the following information:
    • their name or nickname
    • their age
    • their location
    • things about themself that they would like this guy who’s caught their interest to know.

As I receive emails, I will send them along to the lucky bachelor. As I’ve mentioned before, my objective is not to be a busybody and know who likes who, so I encourage ladies to use nicknames or email addresses that won’t give away their identity if they will be more comfortable with that (if you use your real name/nickname or email, this information will be kept confidential).

I have asked the gentleman to please be kind enough to respond to every email they receive, so hopefully they will agree to that.

So, without further ado, here are the profiles. I performed minimal editing to make sure each guy’s personality or way of speaking came through as much as possible:

[table id=1 /]

I have to admit that a few of these profiles got my attention, especially in cases where I had to do some back and forth correspondence to clarify answers. But don’t worry: I know it would be a conflict of interest if Good Naija Girl contacted these men but what if um, “Good Naija Chick” contacted one or more of them? *ahem*. Not that I’m going to do that of course; that would be wrong. And anyway, most of them are younger than I am (but then again, age is nothing but a number right? Right??). So ladies? Maybe you better strike before I do!

[**If you are a male and you want to submit your profile, you still can! Just send the required information to and you will be included in the next round of bachelors.**]

Ladies: don’t be shy! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

34 thoughts on “Presenting the bachelors and calling all my single ladies!

  1. Hang on that's true, GNG what about you? Hmmmm being a moderator comes with sacrifices I guess ;) Looking good though, can't wait to hear the success stories especially with the gentleman in Asia, gosh that's far!

  2. Y would it be wrong for u to contact one of these men? GNG, are u already boo'ed up and didn't let us know? Tsk, tsk! If u r not and are just being modest or whatever u want to call it, u better contact the one u like or else i will coma after u with broom :)

    I like some of these guys (i can't like all now), esp because they r not all looking for younguns, like some of the naija men i know are. Side eye to them.

  3. â–ºfragilelooks

    Yup, I'm doing this. And thanks, I hope that we'll have fun with it, and have some success too.

    Have a great week!

    â–ºCaramel Delight

    hehehe, you got it: this is not about me for once (seeing as the blog usually is). You know how they say there are Nigerians everywhere; I'm really hoping there will be someone for everyone (who's interested).


    lol at your comment!

    Biko, if you like one, send your email! We need to start making some connections!

    And I agree that it's refreshing that these men are very realistic in what they are looking for.


    If he tickles your fancy, dash an email to kia kia!


    Stop your laughing jare! Send your female friends to this site!

    â–ºMs. O

    Thanks for the PR, dear. I appreciate it.


    I agree. Thanks…I really hope things go well too. We need the women to not be shy!

  4. â–ºDiAmOnD hawk

    Ooopsie! I was only joking in my entry when I referred to responding o! I will not be responding, thank you very much. For once this isn't about me!

  5. hmmmm…. i smell matchmaking…

    hope its fun o…

    wish you luck…

    I'd rather you be doing this..keep aspirin handy sha

    will be watching this space

  6. So #3. Em I play basketball too you know.


    Go GNG. Please if there are any that catch your fancy, go ahead. You are also a single lady or you're not anymore?

  7. Why is a 19-year old looking for a serious relationship lol.

    These are some pretty interesting folks, I hope the matchmaking turns out positively =)

  8. I like the profiles, and I hope some of it work out. The guys sound realistic enough. GNG, you have a good heart and I hope that you'll soon get yours. I respect how you want to remain neutral. All the best

  9. Interesting!!! I guess I have to put one of these bachelor's on my Christmas' wishlist…Let me see (thinking away) who do I take???

    And what a nice way to start the New Year…in time for the Valentine (Ha! ha!! ha!!!)

    Anyways, nice one GNG…I hope we get some success stories in this…!

  10. lol GNG, you should be able to. The fact that you get them first shouldn't eliminate you na…

    Interesting profiles…eni mini mini mo

  11. hmmmm…sounds interesting…hope it goes well for concerned parties…is there a rule that says u shouldnt contact 1 of d guys if u like him/have him contact u?

  12. I cant believe with all the girls in the DC/MD area Mr Ikeoluwa needs to be hooked up

    abeg what is the 19 yr old guy looking for…delete

    i hope something interesting comes out of all this o

  13. Question: Are these guys only looking for Nigerian girls? I am not nigerian and I would not mind dating or marrying someone who is nigerian. I am a christian and I am from West Africa. I m not totally not hung up on culture. Please let me know. I don't know if I would join but lol it's good to know all the same.

  14. Ok, u lost it after number 6. And guy number 7 …. like really?? He's not seriously expecting a response is he?? LWKM

  15. hi, just saw yur link, i really want to be hooked with a guy ready to settle down very soon, am frm delta, 33yrs and based in lagos.

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