Questions and answers

When are you leaving?
Very soon. Please pray for a safe journey. :)

How long will you be away?
For four weeks.

Will you be blogging while you’re away?
Probably not, although there may be some entries that show up for your reading pleasure.

What did you end up getting for your family members after all?
A little bit of everything, from handbags to beauty products to (very few) clothing items.

You’re going to have a blast in Lagos.
I won’t be spending any time there.

You won’t? Why not?
Because we don’t have any family there.

You can stay at a hotel.
No, my mom doesn’t feel comfortable with that idea.

Mom ke? Wetin consign (lol consine?) her?
I’m going with my mom. And my sister.

Oh, well you should really try and find some time to spend in Lagos.

I know! Maybe next time, especially if this trip goes smoothly.

How about Abuja? Will you get there?
No, though I hear it’s another place I shouldn’t miss. Hopefully I will visit Nigeria again soon, and during that visit have more time and freedom to travel around.

Hmm, so no Abuja, no Lagos, where will you be going then?
– – – – State.

Oh man, I don’t even know if they have internet cafés there.
*Laughing* I hope they do, and if not it’ll be a good test to see what I do with myself when I can’t use the internet.

Will you meet any bloggers?
I was hoping to, but it may be a logistical impossibility.

Will you see any elephants in Nigeria?
I highly doubt it, unless I find my way to a zoo.

A zoo? You have zoos in Nigeria? I thought the animals would just be wandering around…
You’d have to go verrry far from where I will be to see animals in the wild. I’ll have to settle for goats, chickens and maybe a dog or two.

Are you excited?

Any other questions?

25 thoughts on “Questions and answers

  1. LOL… My questions…

    Are you ready?

    Will you visit any school's (universities) there just for fun?

    Will you bring me back Agbalumo (Udara)? Its a fruit… You'll love it.

    Will you do any travelling? To where?

  2. LOL @ wild animals walking about.

    Hope you have a great time dear. Do come back and gist us all about it. And take your camera so that you can capture every fascinating sight.

  3. Have a safe trip gal!honestly wish I will be in 9ja about the same time as you…I sure would have met up with you and I probably would have gone as far as practically begging your mum to let you spend at least a night or 2 in lag or abuja…trust me I can be crazy like that lol!!!;-)…well just be sure to have loads of fun where ever you are…

  4. awww…she's leaving soon :( u'll be missed o…

    have loads and loads of fun ok…

    Wishing u Godspeed

    and take lots of pictures too

    the FAQ list was funny..hehe

    ehn hen my question- hope you are not carrying a lot of ijekuje ;)

  5. lol…the wild animals ? was hilarious. Have a safe trip and don't forget to try to speak English with your Naija accent (fake it if you have to) at the Airport.


    Take TONS of pictures!

  6. Have a safe trip luv!

    u will have a blast.

    a whole month? (am so jealous)

    it is concern! lol

    don't forget:

    a well stocked first aid kit

    bug/mosquito repellent spray

    portable water filtration system


    to scan and email relevant pages of ur passport to urself for easy retrival if needed

    ur usual arsenal for ur monthly flow

    "drink in" the sights and sounds

    Take care and God bless u, ur sis and mom.

  7. Ehm excuse me oh, but who are you having this conversation with? If it's with yourself then… hmmmmm…..

    ***Vera whispering***

    Somebory needs 2 check herself. lol.

  8. Ok I taught this post was very funny.

    Anyway sha God bless you, your mom, and sis. A safe, fun, and blessed trip shall be you guys portion. AMEN.

  9. What state r u going?

    You should have fun where ever you go in 9ja.

    Have a safe trip n come back with gist n pictures.

  10. Guurrrrrl, you are going to naija for 4 weeks, but you are not branching Lagos or Abuja?

    Well, this will definitely be an opportunity to experience new things, so please take a camera and take loads of pics. Eat well oh! I hope you will be around suya and asun. But whatever you do, have a blast! Can't wait to read about it.

  11. Just thot of you and decided to pass by your blog even though I know you may not be able to read this…since you're on major holiday…

    Please hurry up and come back jare and come and update sharply!

    hope you're good!

  12. Come back!!!! Hey hope you are having a blast. oh Miss you here on blogville now..abi wetin??? are you the first to go to naija..abeg come back now now with immediate alacrity. Anyway Enjoy oh and find urself one naija bobo to massage your legs oh.

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