Quick online dating tip

Update: a friend who read this asked if I had joined a dating site but no, I haven’t. I think the guy must have gotten my email address from one of those Nigerian forums that I had joined in the past as a way of learning more about Nigeria and Nigerian culture.

If you are going to be emailing prospective women in an effort to get to know them, please send your email to the women individually: it’s a real turnoff to receive an email that is actually addressed to another woman, with you as the cc or bcc.

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  1. I know "poking" on FB is not too different from sending a generic email and cc or bcc someone.. But do dudes really do that email thingy.. I'd have tot that after working up the nerve to send an email, the emails can be sne t individually? Its just a couple of seconds work i think…..

  2. Oh Lord, that cant be good.

    Happy new year to you too dearie. I hope you have a swell one.

  3. ewww. thats so unkind! Gosh the things we have to go through for the sake of love. me sef i tire o.

  4. LOL


    That is hilarious!!! The poor guy didn't feel like making up new emails for everyone or sending the same mail multiple times, so he thought….hmmmmmm why not just cc or bcc??? They'll never know! Hahaha.

    That is just wrong!

  5. @Danny Bagucci

    The only thing that keeps running through my mind is that maybe he was in an internet cafe, with limited time and funds and wanted to reach the most people possible so he chose this option.

    It's still not kosher, but perhaps it's an explanation.


    lol always to the point, aren't you?


    Thanks for the New Years wishes! I'm excited about 2009.


    Gauche is right! Hopefully anyone else who was confused about whether or not this is cool will know it ain't.

    Happy New Year!

    @Seye Kuyinu

    Nothing's going on. I received a random email and thought I'd share a tip with anyone who was unsure about how such an act would be perceived.


    Give me $5 and I'll gist you personally.


    lol you and me both tire jare.


    lol sometimes that's all you can do.


    But after the potential scenario I wrote at the top of this…can you feel bad for him?


    I agree with you!


    I wish I was!


    lol exactly. I guess that works to the advantage of women who are smart.

    @funms-the rebirth

    You said it, not I!

    @Vera Ezimora

    Ok, your comment just made me laugh.


    Happy New Year to you, Iyawo!

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