Reminded to be thankful

I was reminded today about how precious life is, not (thank God!) because I learned that someone had passed away but because of two people close to me who are dealing with chronic health conditions (one is a family member and one is the wife of a friend). I thank God that they are alive and I know God will continue to look after them. What I am praying for in both cases is a better quality of life for them, one where they can do those simple things like go for a walk or drive a car and it not be a big deal. But these people reminded me that there is much to be thankful for and it’s Thursday so here’s my collection of things I thank God for:

  1. My sister’s help with a party I hosted last weekend. I could not have done it without her.
  2. The new nose pads on my glasses. It’ll seem trivial to you until the nose pads of your glasses fall off, trust me!
  3. Libraries. By not buying books I have a bigger budget for ijekuje (junkfood…bad I know!).
  4. The lack of snow. Yes, Christmas is coming but without slushy snow everywhere it is so much easier to get around. I appreciate it!
  5. My mother. She’s just incredible and SO LOVING and GIVING! I don’t know how she does it.
  6. Time spent with girlfriends last week and weekend.
  7. Time spent with friends every Friday…it’s relaxing and there’s no pressure to do anything but sit around and just chill. It’s very much welcome after a busy week.
  8. A computer mouse. I really dislike using the laptop trackpad…who’s with me?
  9. Christmas cards received in the mail…they always brighten my day!
  10. WhatsApp, a smartphone app that lets me talk to friends who use smartphones without incurring charges. By “talk” I mean “message”; you can’t talk on the phone for free with the app. I like it better than other messengers though because you can keep the window open indefinitely; it’s basically one incredibly long conversation.
  11. Healthier hair…I haven’t seen a split end in ages. I don’t enjoy the extra time needed to deep condition but thankfully I can see the results so that makes it worth it.

Most of my closest friends and colleagues don’t believe in God. While I don’t know if it’s my job to personally play a role in them changing their beliefs, I do know that my life should be a witness: the way that I live my life should make those I come into contact with wonder what I have going on that makes me so grateful, loving, and good to others (among other things). Sadly, I don’t think that I am doing a good job of that, but that’s ok because one thing I know is that I’m not perfect and by bringing my imperfection to light it makes me aware of areas where I can improve. When I think of some of my challenges and how I have contemplated dealing with them, I have to say that my colleagues have often advised me in ways that are far more God-honouring than my original plan. I am thankful that God sends me examples of how I should behave, and I find it remarkable that these examples themselves aren’t people who believe in Him.

What are you thankful for?

12 thoughts on “Reminded to be thankful

  1. What a beautiful post. Not only do you appreciate all what you have, you strive to make everything better for everyone. Believers and non-believers. Im impressed.

  2. I am thankful that the good Lord has given me the opportunity to use my education and experiences to help those less privileged than myself. I am thankful that my boyfriend and i are in a good place right now and pray it remains that way. Thankful for my new job that i am yet to get and financial freedom and looking forward to the future.

  3. I am with you on hating laptop track pads…sooooo annoying! But that said, I am thankful that ultimately God and not man is in control, thankful for life and the opportunity to learn from it everyday but most importantly I am thankful for my partner now husband for always being there to stop me from jumping…

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