Revisiting my old hair dresser

Desperate to have my hair relaxed at the last minute last Saturday, I went back to my former hair dresser. She was happy to see me but unfortunately nothing had changed about how she manages her business: she still drops a customer to go and ring in purchases at the cash, she’s still talking on the phone over your head while she’s doing your hair, she still leaves the relaxer on too long and she still uses too much oil on my hair that by day two (post-relaxer) the hair is weighed down and stringy looking. I mentioned to her that I went to another salon and said that I don’t allow my scalp to get burned anymore, but I didn’t actually say that I started shopping for other salons because she was burning my hair (what a wimp I am!).

As a person, I think she’s a nice lady: she always asks how my family is doing and we often talk about how spoiled kids of today like her son and my brother are. I think her business is doing well, but it could be doing better and I always leave wishing I had figured out the best way to approach the topic of how she could make her salon better. I know it’s not easy juggling your own business and also the demands of your family, and she may be doing her best, but I think some of the changes would cost her next to nothing to implement, make life easier and lead to increased profits in the long-run. I have a feeling that unsolicited advice might not be taken too well, especially from someone who rarely comes to her salon anymore!

What would you do: leave her alone to run her business as she sees fit or offer a few suggestions? If you’d offer suggestions to her, how would you go about it, especially since there are always other women in the salon listening, and she may not like to feel like she’s being criticized, especially if the other women start chiming in.

3 thoughts on “Revisiting my old hair dresser

  1. The easiest thing to do is 'Don't say anything'…but…. do what you think best for your 'sister'!

  2. Hmm…this could be tough. But I think like when you told her you went to another salon, you could have added the real reason. While you cannot force her on how to run her own business, you can let her in on how it affects you and if that makes you a happy customer or not.

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