Simple things I am thankful for

  • The feeling I get when I donate something (I’m no longer using) to charity. Last Saturday I spent around five hours organizing all my clothing, shoes and purses and threw some things directly in the garbage, some I set aside to give to my sister, some to a family friend and the rest were put into bags to drop off at the Salvation Army (charitable organization). I dropped everything off today and I’m glad to have these items out of my house. I’d like someone to tell me that they don’t find decluttering therapeutic and good for the soul, and I’ll call them a liar.

    (I may have bought two pairs of pants as a reward for my decluttering.)

  • The best toilet paper in the world. I don’t even know how I discovered this toilet paper (I think I probably bought it because it was on sale) but it is making my bathroom experiences quite the pleasure. The toilet paper is Cottonelle Ultra and it is divine. It feels like you’re wiping with a cloth. This paper will not fall apart in your hands or anything like that. Anyways, I bet you’re horrified that I’ve used this many words on toilet paper but it had to be said.
  • Quiet evenings at home, watching Grey’s Anatomy (on dvd) are definitely my latest guilty pleasure. The show almost feels like therapy because I’m realizing that I would probably have made a horrible doctor (if I had made it in). I’m not sure I’m comfortable with cadavers. I guess I shouldn’t base my knowledge of medical school on a fictional tv show; I need to talk to bumight, sting or mpb (to name a few of blogville’s doctors – present or aspiring).
  • A friend I’ve known since I was 12 is getting married on Saturday. I can’t wait to celebrate!

While visiting with my family this evening, my mom told me yet again to be careful when driving home. She has been constantly reminding (nagging?) me to not use my cell phone while driving (and I don’t…for the most part, 95% of the time). When she started this evening by saying “GNG, when you’re driving you need to pay attention. I’m not trying to say you’re a bad driver…” I cut in and told her I won’t use my cell phone while driving but then she told me that she was more concerned that I be alert when driving because a guy who used to come to the youth group in our church was hit by a car, and died. It was sobering news.

During my drive home, I thought of the difference between justice and grace. I’m sure this has been preached in many churches before. Justice is getting what you deserve. You commit a crime, you get punished. That’s the way justice works. When that doesn’t happen, we’ll often say it isn’t fair. Grace is not getting what you deserve. I looked it up and actually there is a third part of this puzzle:

Justice – getting what you deserve
Mercy – not getting what you deserve
Grace – getting what you really don’t deserve

I think I’ve read some blogs where grace is referred to as unmerited favour.

So what I was referring to earlier as grace is actually mercy. Practical example: you steal $5 from your mother’s wallet and she makes you pay the money back and/or do extra chores in punishment. That’s justice. If she says “I know you stole that money so I’ll give you a chance to return it and we’ll pretend that never happened”, that’s mercy. And grace, well grace would be your mom leaving a note in her wallet that says “Attention: thieves. If you want more than $5 you can find $100 on my nightstand, and my bank card number is… Happy Spending!” She’s basically aiding your life of crime :)

Got it?

So, the reason I’m so thankful for life, the reason I try to put up this entry even when I don’t feel like anything remarkable is happening in my life, is because I’m grateful for the unmerited favour God has shown my family and I. This is not to say that I haven’t dealt with injustices in my life but I can honestly say my life to date has been good, so much better than I deserve. If God rewarded people based on their actions, I’d be a dead woman! I profess to be a Christian but do I spend as much time reading the Bible as I do reading blogs? Am I a good witness to my friends (especially the non-Christians) or do I indulge in gossip when the opportunity presents itself (or start it myself), or try to avoid talking about Christianity with them? Do I truly love my neighbour as myself, or do I pretend not to see the neighbour I think secretly dislikes me?

These questions aren’t meant to invoke guilt, they’re more of a reminder that even though nothing spectacular may be happening in your life, being alive is pretty spectacular, an act of God’s grace. A young man lost his life while innocently walking. He didn’t deserve to lose his life due to another’s carelessness. I walk all the time, and cross a busy street at least twice a day. Thankfully I haven’t ever been hit. I urge those of you master tweeters who claim you can drive and tweet and knit a blanket at the same time to be more mindful. You only have to take your mind off the road for a moment for an accident to occur. Even when I’m doing nothing more than driving, it’s easy to get almost into a zone when driving, and situations occur where I’m snapped to reality: the person in front of me brakes for no apparent reason, an animal darts into the street, a young child on his bicycle takes off away from his parent. If you have to drop your phone and/or put down your knitting before reacting, it may be too late.

An unrelated scenario:
Let’s say you want to buy something but you’re hesitating because you’re not sure you will get your money’s worth because you might become too lazy or uninspired to use the item, or you might not use the item as it’s meant to be used (to its full potential), but at the same time you feel you need the item in order to potentially feel inspired (vicious circle). During the two weeks you spend deliberating over buying the item, it goes on sale, 30% off.

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12 thoughts on “Simple things I am thankful for

  1. GNG!!! I love this! Yes GRACE… it is always beyond comprehension.

    Oh, God bless your heart for Giving away your stuff. Btw, Philippines is a third world country.. send some or your black purses to me and you'd make this little girl happy *wink* heheehehhe!!!!

    God bless you more than you can imagine!!!!!

  2. shoo…I love grey’s, who cares that they dont do chest compressions right? LOL. You know? In anatomy lab, it was hard to remember cadavers were once people’s loved ones, their faces were always covered and we were so focused on the usually upcoming test. Take care!

  3. Thankful for everything as well, mum's will alway nag no matter what, be careful when driving…am always loving your thankful post. Nice one.

  4. lovely post…i always get inspire or learn something good whenever I come here…so thank u.
    on sign: if something I have been contemplating on buying before suddenly goes on sales its definitely a sign cuz I don’t have to spend all that money to get it…hehehehe

  5. Cottonelle Ultra, huh? I'm off to try it. LOL. Yes, all those words to describe bathroom experience?? And I thought I was bad! (see current post on Verastic

    May the soul of that guy rest in perfect peace. I had a pastor come to my church one day and preach about the difference between justice, mercy, and grace. Trust me now! Since then, I have been praying for GRACE, GRACE, GRACE. Mercy too, but mostly Grace, lol.

    P.S. I voted YES to buy the something. Is is my 2010 Range Rover Sport?

  6. Goodness!!!!!!!! Why did I type my twice?!?! That’s it. No more corrections. If there are mistakes here, then I apologize, but Vera has left the building.

    Nighty night.

    Honestly, I proof-read [twice] this time.

    On a side note, should there be a hyphen between proof and read?

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