Simply thankful

Happy Thursday! I’m thanking God for the following this week:

  1. My friend Anne gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I am so thrilled that despite unexpected complications, their beautiful gift was delivered in perfect health. Praise God! I am also thankful for another friend, Shan, who is expecting a baby this year! If this baby looks anything like her one-year old, s/he will be irresistible!
  2. A successful performance evaluation. In this time of economic hardship, where people are losing jobs right and left, how can I not be thankful that I am still employed? (Note to employer: please block access to facebook again…not because I can’t control myself, I’m just saying.)
  3. For life. I was very saddended to hear that Natasha Richardson (wife of Liam Neeson, the actor) passed away after sustaining brain injuries yesterday. It’s not because she’s a celebrity, but because it could have been anyone! I have been to the ski hill where she was when she got injured, and in the past four years I have gone skiing three times and fallen mulitiple times every time, but God has seen fit to preserve my life. I am so thankful for that (though I am sad for her family). Life is a gift (that is totally my theme for this year)!
  4. For sunshine! Canada has among the world’s harshest winters and not only was this winter relatively mild but the sun has been bathing us daily for the past week! The temperature still hovers around zero degrees Celcius but what a difference all this light makes! Wheee!
  5. For my wins in the Naija Bloggers Award! Thank you to those who voted for me as winner in the cateogories of Best Personal Blog and Dedicated Blogger. The titles of those categories say a lot, and I honestly don’t think I could be prouder! I know everyone’s saying it, but we mean it: it is an HONOUR to be thought of so highly! Thank you!

    (And for the record the Category B nominees have been posted and the list of nominees can be found here. Voting has started — go to the site and click that red Vote section on the far right!!

    Or you can just go here!)

26 thoughts on “Simply thankful

  1. Im also thankful for life cos it could end anyday…no one knows

    congrats on your win

  2. :D Thanks. We do think he's a cutie, but of course, we're biased. :)

    re: #3 – That's the reason for my FB status this morning – on the news this am, first three stories…the lady who died from the mugging in Barbados, the actress skiing, and the young man who died at a construction site. A friend also came across a hiker the other day who'd had a heart attack but she was unable to revive him with CPR. All 4 of those people went off about their day having no idea how it would end. You just never know.

  3. yay! top 3!

    i thank God on ur behalf for ur list..i was really saddened by the news of the death of Natasha Richardson….uh, GNG, PLEASE DO NOT GO SKIING EVER AGAIN!!!! PLEASE!!!! *puppy-eyed look*

    congrats on ur wins!

  4. Congrats on your wins!!!! They are all rightly deserved!

    You've actually inspired me and I'm in the middle of writing my own Thankful Thursday post.

  5. Inspiring and thoughtful. One never does know what's to happen in the next minute,reason why life should be appreciated now more than ever.

  6. â–ºJOICEE

    Thank you very much for the congrats, and for visiting. Yes, life is a precious gift o…we should not squander it or take it for granted!

    â–ºShannon who hates nickynames

    You're welcome! Lovely to see you here! As you know…I share your feelings…it's so crazy how things can change in the twinkling of an eye…just makes you want to hold your loved ones (and adorable babies) that much tighter.


    Thanks dear lady! I have voted for you twice (Shh, don't tell Shona) so far and I hope you win!

    Oh, I can't wait to see your list. It's such a blessing to take the time to note the things that make you happy/grateful and thankful. When you look back on it at the end of the year you'll truly be amazed!


    Thank you. You are so right! I honestly think your last sentence is my motto for this year.

  7. Hey babes…its 4:am and im soooooooooo sleepy so i cant read now..

    Just wanted to drop by to show some love. xoxo

    I'll be back..

    Later Babes!!


  8. Congratulations GNG! Great work. I am grateful for life too and I am so on the sun thing…I think Norway and Canada have very similar climates and here we FINALLY got some sun last week too. Thank God for the sun, no one can live without it :-)

  9. congrats on ur friend's bundle of joy and on ur awards. yea what a sad lost…. its good to be thankful

  10. Congrats on your awards dear, you deserve every1.

    Your blog always takes ages to load on my system. Sometimes it wont even load.

  11. Yeah…too many things to be thankful for. I am so happy you have made it thus far. Yeah on ur job performance evaluation. Face is off for

  12. i am glad I nominated u and voted for u. congrats. truly life is a gift that God has given to everyone of us freely.

  13. Your simply thankful posts are so inspiring!

    It's so easy to forget all the tidbits we have to be greatful for!

    Congratulations on your awards! You deserved both of them-especially the dedicated one!

  14. You ski?? Nna, am I sure I really know it means to ski?? :-)

    anyway I read about Natacha's death on the internet, it was really sad….Life is a gift….you are right!

    Thankful with you about the sunshine…I really can imagine.

    and you really deserve the awards. go girl!

  15. â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Thanks lady!


    Thank you…and I hope you're enjoying the gift that is life.


    Thanks for the love! Much appreciated xoxo.

    I stayed up until past 6:30am on Saturday…not sure how that happened.


    *clinks glasses with you*


    Thanks so much! Yes, Norway and Canada do have similar climates and the sun makes an enormous difference, doesn't it?


    I'm not sure why my blog was keeping your comments…I think it was hungry!


    Thanks for the congrats and yes, it's so good to be thankful.


    Awww, Thanks o, Iyawo.

    I'll have to see why my blog is giving your computer a hard time.


    Thanks girl!


    Thanks dear.

  16. â–ºYNC

    lol thanks o!

    â–ºhot doug

    Aww, thanks hottie!


    You are too kind and I'm very thankful for the nomination and the vote! Yes, I don't take life for granted anymore!


    Thank you so much for every word you shared.


    Amen and thank you for helping me thank God! Thanks for the congrats too.


    lol I should put a picture of me on skis sha…I fall so much while skiing…it is not an easy sport to take up. God has really been good to me: I've never been injured from my falls while skiing.

    â–ºGlobetrotting Bride

    Thanks a lot, and thank you for stopping by.

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