Some little things and some big things

Today I want to focus on being thankful for the little things first, the things that usually escape our attention because we take them for granted. You don’t have to look far to find people who cannot say the same.

  • Blogging for example. Those of us who blog have access to a phone or computer and internet, which is a luxury some cannot afford. We also live in a nation where there’s relative freedom of speech and no regulations on how we use the medium of the blog so we write in peace, without looking over our shoulders or wondering who is reading (well, besides those family members and friends we may not want to read!).
  • All week, when I got home from work, I’ve asked myself what I feel like having for dinner. Thank God for choice! Sure, some options are more appealing than others but I will not starve, and my cupboards have never been bare. Two nights ago I was saying to myself “Oh, I only have beef in the house; I want chicken, or fish.” It is a blessing to be able to make statements like that.
  • I’m very attached to my family, even though I don’t live with them anymore. I’ve also become more attached to my family in Nigeria since my last visit. I am thankful that I can easily drop them a line to let them know I’m thinking of them thanks to phones and the internet. Just think of what people in Haiti and their family elsewhere were going through when those in Haiti couldn’t reach their loved ones to let them know they are ok. It’s very stressful for both sides
  • I know, I’m weird, but I’m going to mention toilet paper because it is something we all take for granted. I already told you about my favourite toilet paper, and maybe it’s weird to even have a favourite, especially since I’m sure most of you never think about the stuff. It’s a most wonderful innovation; better, in my opinion, than sliced bread!

And some wonderful things that have happened in the lives of my friends:

  1. My friend V got a new job and she starts on Monday. She has a lot of skills that are very much in demand, and though her industry is a bit volatile and subject to layoffs, she continues to thrive. She’ll be working for a little company that you may have heard of since they are the makers of the BlackBerry, so you can bet I’ve already tried to use my connections to get a free Blackberry (despite my efforts, no such luck!).
  2. My friend A who was in a very toxic work environment has gotten out! I hate to see sweet people who are hardworking get abused in any way, and her work was beginning to be detrimental to her health.
  3. V (from #1) and her husband have also upgraded their car situation! It’s always great to see people around you thriving!

Ok, your turn: big or little, what are you grateful for?

21 thoughts on “Some little things and some big things

  1. I am thankful for a sound mind. I can make sensible decisions and I don't run around like a mad woman (most times anyway). Imagine not being in full possesion of your own faculties? Imagine knowing you're doing crazy things but you can't help it? Then again maybe if one has lost one's mind, one does little imagining. I'm rambling- great blog!

  2. hmmmm…this is beautiful…I completely agree with ur 2nd point "choice"…what a wonderful thing to have…

    n thankful for friends too…awww…how sweet…

  3. I am thankful for God doing what he does even when we don't understand. I'm thankful for opportunities that i believe are coming forth. I'm thankful that he keeps me….daily!!

  4. I'm thankful for having life. This is the most important thing and being conscious of being alive too. When you're alive then there is hope for the things that you need even if you dont have them now.

    Im also thankful to God cos i have not lost my mind.

  5. i'm just thankful for everything.. i have had this afro on for so long and am grateful.. i didn't scare the barber so much wen i went in for a cut.. i am thankful for resulting headache and am thankful for the grace to been able to go get a cut today

    I am grateful i have you.. tel me if that' enouf reason to be thankful

    God i am thankful for dat Naija guy that is going skeleton at the olympics and for his treatment

    I am thankful for being here keying with the skill of a typist

    I am just thankful for everything

  6. Dude, I feel you on the tissue paper thing. It is very necessary to have good tissue paper. If you decide to buy some in Naija during your trip, try Rose Carla tissue or Banrut products.

  7. Yeah, I'm thankful that no matter what issues I have to grapple with, it will never get so bad as not to have help.

    I'm grateful for faithful friends who come through time and again.

  8. I am very grateful for everything I have o! I love tissues too. My Mum has dubbed me the Tissue Queen! I can;t live without it been everywhere in my vicinity!

  9. GNG, am I reading double? Am I imagining things — or did I read this post before? I mean, I could have sworn I read the post about toilet tissue before. Abi, didn't I????????

  10. i am so grateful that i have not been depressed this year, that is one huge and big miracle!

    also for friendships.especially with hubby and with my five sisters. its really a blessing to have hands to hold as i walk thru life.

  11. â–ºDada

    Hmmph! Congratulations on being first!


    Life seems like such a simple thing to be thankful for but without it, none of this would happen!


    Wow, you bring up something that we truly take for granted – being of sound mind. When I see someone who is dealing with mental issues my heart becomes troubled, and sometimes it's also frightening. I always have to pray silently that God will help this person and also continue to preserve me and my loved ones. We are truly blessed to be of sound mind.

    â–ºRosie (hehee)

    That is truly something to be thankful for while some are losing their jobs! Thank God for your raise!

    â–ºAnoda Phase

    Thanks dear…have a beautiful weekend!


    Amen and amen! These are all great things to be thankful for. It's so easy to take them for granted too.


    You're absolutely right about life…you and leggy are on the same wavelength. And look at you and Toks talking about being of sound mind! It's a true blessing.


    I'm thankful for your life too.

    â–ºabidemi oderinlo

    You had a headache after you got your hair cut? I would have thought that having longer hair would have given you a headache! Pele.

    I love your thankful nature…thanks for being thankful for me…and may God help Seun Adebiyi and make his treatment a success.

    â–ºnaija mom abroad

    Lovely! Have a great weekend.


    We cannot put a price on our health! Sometimes I have to remind myself of my own role in maintaining my health!


    Lol, that's a true blessing! It's a blessing too to be able to communicate your dreams clothing-wise to the tailors, having a creative side is a lovely gift!

    â–ºOmosi T

    You are my go-to person for traveling to Naija…thanks for that! I will definitely keep these products in mind when I'm in Lagos.

    â–ºLoves God's Mercy

    (great name!)

    You're so right about mercy. I wrote this entry on the matter of justice, grace and mercy.


    Those are wonderful things to be thankful for.

    Have a great weekeend.


    Lovely list of things you have there…thanking God with you.

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Awww, was mummy visiting you?


    hehehe…sounds like you and I would get along just fine!

    â–ºVera Ezimora

    They are different entries o! Just because I've mentioned toilet paper more than once doesn't mean it's the same post jare! In fact, somebody I know has a tendency to blog a lot about Range Rovers…always in different entries though!


    â–ºFemme Lounge

    Thank God for that! I'm very happy that depression has not touched you this year! I pray it doesn't ever again.

    Five sisters! Wow! I'm glad you have great bonds with them and with your hubby and friends.

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