Some updates

I’ll be on Vera’s radio show this Saturday!
This Saturday I will be guest hosting with Caramel D on Verastically Speakin’. The topic is Big Size = Big Dating Problem? I don’t know exactly what I’ll be saying but I will try to make it interesting. If there’s anything related to that topic that you want to share or that you think needs to be discussed, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

My general stance is that bigger people (by which I mean overweight or obese folks) have a harder time dating. However, I don’t think society and its focus on slim/muscular people being the standard of beauty is 100% to blame (only 95%): some overweight or obese people (*ahemGNGahem*) are not completely comfortable in their skin and despite their best efforts this dissatisfaction is often more visible than they are aware, meaning that they don’t come across as confident people. We all know that confidence is sexy and a girl or guy who’s busy with their body issues is not always a fun person to be around.

I’m sure the discussion will be very interesting, especially since some people have very strong words for overweight/obese people, stereotypical things like thinking they must be fat people are ugly, lazy, slobs.

Join us at 10am EST on March 6 and hear what we have to say!

The 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards are coming!
The 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards are coming. We have a website that’s non-functional (I’m no Seye Kuyinu when it comes to web design) and a twitter account. Please follow us so you’ll be first to know when the fun starts.

If you have no idea what the Nigerian Blog Awards are, please visit the 2009 Naija Bloggers Award site that sting and her able helpers organized. I changed the name a bit for 2010 but much of how things were run last year will be the same.

Please continue to send any blogs by Nigerians or blogs focused on Nigeria to me so I can add them to this listLists have been moved to They will also be listed on Nigerian Blog Awards website, of course!


Can you believe it’s March 1 already? God help us…I have things I need to accomplish before December 31 so I’d like time to slow down a bit!

15 thoughts on “Some updates

  1. dnt worry

    am sure u will accomplish them all

    am so jealous taht i dont get to listen in….

    hmmm naija is too backward for my liking

    we need speed-of light internet here too

  2. Good to have you on Vera's Show.

    When I don't have time to listen live, I usually download the show.

    You're doing a great job here. keep it up!

    Its true that bigger people might have a harder time dating but they will always find love somewhere cos some people like big things.

  3. Lol @ not believeing its the first of March!!! dats exactly what i wa thinking this morning on my way to work. i was also think how i'd like time to slow done cuz ave got a lot to do this year. well u know what they say about great minds thinking alike!!

    Yay for Nigerian blog awards. I had no idea there were sooo many blogs. Looking forward to the awards cuz last year's was so much fun

  4. Hey.

    Good luck with the show and all…

    Year's off to a flying start…time to nip it in the bud-by making plans and sticking to them.

    Happy new month!

  5. This year is speeding by…..and for me so dramatic as well. I need a holiday. I can't wait for the show, as it's my first time please show me the ropes oh !

  6. The site is looking good mama! OOh awards season! Something to look forward to. Una know say Naija people sabi enjoy party, so this will be fun!

  7. Good luck wiht the show, I just saw the site and it's slowly taking shape. Kudos to you guys especially on the list. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. I would never have imagined you to be slightly even overweight. I always pictured GNG to be this petite little thing writing from the other side of the screen.

    I'm usually unable to catch the vera show live, but i'll try to listen or i'll definitely check it out later. This will be interesting because I'm a slim person who has suddenly gained undesirable weight so I maybe able to chime in as 'former-skinny-bitch' during the show.

  9. Oh & add my name to the Nigerian Bloggers list! I be naija babe, reppin' AJ city all day, err' day!! haha

  10. â–ºLuscious Ron

    Thanks so much…I really appreciate it!


    I hope I do accomplish all that I want to do this year…only God can make it happen; believe me!

    Aww, that is a shame that you can't listen to the show…one day Naija will get there!


    Thanks for your constant compliments and encouragement…I appreciate them!

    I hope you're right regarding everyone finding someone :)


    Well, you've been so great, answering my questions.


    :) Imagine me being considered a great mind with you! Lovely!

    Yes…I hope to do half as good a job as sting did! She's just fantastic!


    Thanks for the good wishes. I like your no-nonsense approach to accomplishing goals…I wish I could make it stick with me…gotta keep trying.

    â–ºCaramel Delight

    I'm sure that like your namesake you'll be delightful on the air (but of course I'll be happy to show you the ropes)!


    You're too kind…so many glitches to work around but we'll get there. I need to start dating a web designer :)

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Thanks so much for the encouragement…I really appreciate it!


    Yup, GNG is a porker, I’m afraid! Hopefully 2010 will be my year of commiting to a lifestyle change… consistency is my problem.

    I think you wrote about obesity recently on your blog, so I’m sure you’d definitely have stuff to share on the show!

    Your blog’s been added:

  11. Look forward to the show…I am really impressed that you are not feeling "ashamed" but would openly talk about it…oh I forgot, its GNG…:-) how now?

  12. Yeah, ever since I started following your blog, I was impressed with the fact that you often referred to your size. Even though you say you're uncomfortable in your skin, your openness is truly commendable.

    I'll catch the show later on!

  13. I think size only constitutes a problem with shallow people. The problem is society has engineered most of us to be shallow. Visiting any celebrity blog will show us this. The tiniest if imperfections on an otherwise attractive person are ripped apart by commenters like vultures on a carcass- it's disturbing. Not everyone can look like Gisele or Naomi Campbell; having such expectations is not only unrealistic but dangerous as well.

    On the flip side, I have noticed that a lot of bigger people tend to have a very angry or bitter attitude. I am unsure of the source of this- bitterness from being teased or a self-defence mechanism. Being in a relationship with someone who kept referring to "annoying skinny bitches" seems quite difficult, especially if they do not radiate any positivity to counter this bitter attitude.

    I guess it all goes back to the "inner beauty" cliche. If a prospective partner focuses solely on size at the expense of personality, then surely they do not deserve consideration. This goes for men as well as women, by the way… We can't ask them not to expect us to look like Beyonce if we want them to look like Adonis.

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