Squeaky clean

If I told you that there’s an entry I’ve wanted to write for almost a year, what would you guess the topic is?

My decision to try my online meeting experiment again?

An upcoming giveaway?

A review of a cd that was sent to me?

An engagement ring I’ve been dying to show off?

Perhaps I’ve finally found a way to blog full time and get paid for it?

Although those would all be great things to share; that’s not the purpose of this entry…maybe in 2011!

Instead I want to talk about how much I love Nigerian bath sponges, or as we call them in Yorubaland, kan kan.

We have used kan kans for as long as I can remember, and back in our early days in Canada when my mom used to bathe me, I remember being vigorously (do Nigerian parents bathe their kids any other way?) scrubbed with a kan kan. Since then I have counted on them to clean my body like no pouf can. I mean please: one is soft and fluffy, while the other could be used to scour a pan or remove glue that has been stuck to a wall for ages.

To be fair, they do come in different textures: the one I’m currently using could be used (if minimal pressure is applied) to scrub a baby’s bottom, while the one we used while at my grandma’s would remove a layer of skin if you applied even the slightest pressure. I like the length of our kan kans too: it makes it easy to scrub your back without having to rely on a spouse to do the deed (which is particularly useful for those of us who don’t have a spouse!).

So every time we go to Nigeria, my list of things to buy includes a new kan kan though it’s not like the one I’m using wears out since those things are made to last. this time I brought back a bright blue one that will work wonders if I ever get dipped in honey, rolled in dry oatmeal and left out to dry for a few days.

Hey: it could happen!

17 thoughts on “Squeaky clean

  1. Girl! Don't even mess with my kainkain…. Absolutely nothing gets me as squeaky clean and I can't even imagine using those face cloths. It gets so bad that using anything else makes me feel yucky. Love it!

  2. haha, now that you mention it i DO remember many vigorous baths from when i was a kid.

    say what else you want about us, but nigerians are a very clean people. ;-)

  3. :)

    I just decamped to the local 'kainkain' arena. me thinks it cleans much better….it does …but its only in the pale cream color. and it comes off in bits after a while…but i love it and I think i'm cleaner….lol!

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