Sweet mother

I know this weekly feature focuses on my family a lot but it seems that every week I am reminded of God’s grace with my nearest and dearest.

As my parents get older, they seem to need more medical attention. While both parents are familiar with the emergency room and they have regular doctors, my mom has dealt with the most frightening/scary medical issues over the past 10-15 years. Despite it, she maintains that joyful nature that I mentioned, the one that results in people being shocked when they find out what she is dealing with in her life.

Unfortunately my mom had to deal with another painful situation lately, this time it was a dental issue. She even had it while she was on vacation but she said it wasn’t as intense as it had been (thank God) so she was able to enjoy her time away for the most part. But when she returned, the pain returned with full intensity and she really could not deal with it anymore. She had to though because her dentist was on vacation too.

If you have never had severe dental pain, thank God! I did for about a week and I remember crying myself to sleep (literally) for two nights before we found a dental office while on vacation. There were five of us in a hotel suite and my whimpering and sobs kept people up for those two nights. The connection between teeth (well, the facial nerves that run from the teeth upwards I believe) and the brain is intense (words really can’t describe it). Anyway, I got some good medication and I was able to enjoy the rest of the vacation until I could get the matter taken care of permanently.

My mother got an appointment for today and as usual I was worried and nervous, mostly because she needed to be knocked out for the procedure. My mom does not do well with being put under general anesthesia (previous experiences with this have resulted in doctors having a lot of difficulty reviving her), so after calling and double checking, I was glad to hear she’s be under what they call conscious sedation and although she would fall asleep, no machines would be taking over her body functions, meaning it wasn’t quite as severe as general anesthesia. Even so, I was concerned as I always am about how different medical conditions can combine to make a routine procedure suddenly a big deal but God saw me through the tense time in the waiting room. We had prayed before leaving the house and in the waiting room I prayed and listened to Tire ni Oluwa (which means something like “It’s in your hands, God”, because really, it is, and my worrying cannot make anything that isn’t meant to happen happen), and waited impatiently for the nurse to come and get me, which she did before an hour was through. The relief that went through me to see her sitting in the recovery area is undescribable.

Once again, God has seen her through a painful situation and although she has some recovery ahead of her, the worst is behind us. Please join me in thanking God for her life, her good spirits, the competency the doctor displayed and God’s own healing power.

14 thoughts on “Sweet mother

  1. tire ni oluwa…. true talk, with all our worrying and anxiety can we ever add a day to our years all by our self? absolutely NO. thank God for his safety. Our lives her in His hands.

  2. Gal I admire the fierce loyalty you have for your family!

    Glad your mum is doing very well…

    I feel you on the anaesthetic thingy…nothing should be taken for granted!!!

  3. Toothache is so painful…mine was horrible, had 2 wisdom taken out.

    AM thanking God with you for your family…God is good.

  4. Thank God! He is great.

    I understand that tooth pain is horrible. Been there when I was about 14 yrs old so I understand where you guys are coming from.

  5. I am more than elated that God is getting the glory for your mother's healing. Continue to spread the message that our God is an awesome God and is in the business of protecting His own!

  6. Thank God that the dental procedure went well for your mom and that she is doing well. I hope you have a good weekend.

  7. wow God is good!!!

    Anything dental scares me…i have heard of people having simple dental operation and dying from it. That is not our option in Jesus name!!!

  8. â–ºdta

    You said it beautifully; thank you.


    I must keep those words close to my heart because I forget them so quickly when something worrisome happens.


    Thank you…it was a lovely weekend that saw us celebrating my father's birthday. I hope your weekend was equally pleasant.


    Exactly — too many things happen in this world for me to ever take anything that seems routine or risk-free for granted. Waking up each day is a gift; coming home safely after a long day of work is a gift too.


    Aww, ndo! I'm glad the pain is behind you now. I'm praying my mouth will be able to accomodate all of my wisdom teeth so I don't have to get them pulled.

    Yes God is good.


    He sure is great!

    Aww, you poor thing.

    â–ºEchidiime Onwudinjo

    The glory belongs to God o! Thank you.


    Yes we do, and yes, we thank Him.


    Thank you…I had a good weekend and I hope you did too.


    Amen! Thank you for the prayer on her behalf.


    God sure is good. I'm with you: dental work is scary and you said it. Something that seems so routine can end up being deadly. Amen to your prayer…it is not our option in Jesus' name!

  9. i hope your mom is doing great. General anesthesia is something that scares most people; cos anything can set a person off. Dental ache free—definitely something to be grateful for. I have had tooth ache and its definitely not funny.

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