My thoughts on promoting your blog on someone else’s blog

If you’re a blogger or if you read blogs, you may have seen someone promoting their blog, business, or event in the comments of your blog or another blogger’s blog. Let’s go through some of the ways this is done.

The Drive-by

This is the person who is so intent on advertising their blog, business, or event that they don’t try to hide it. Imagine writing a post about the loss of a friendship, then checking the comments only to read “Think Pink party on July 6! Tickets only ₦1,200. RSVP at” It’s spammy, not exactly the response you were expecting, and in about 99% of the cases the person is a true drive-by: you’ve never received a comment from them before, nor will you again. Continue reading

Two tips for managing long-distance collaborations

I worked with a few sponsors for the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards, and before that, I collaborated on small, related elements of past Awards. All of this was done long-distance. What I learned is long-distance collaborations, like long-distance relationships, are not ideal. I will never forget the potential sponsor who had me jumping through hoops for two months last year, working my butt off on different proposals and ideas, only to cancel the agreement when I contacted them after a week of silence and no response to two of my emails. The worst part to me was the feeling that if I hadn’t contacted them, they wouldn’t have contacted me to tell me that the deal was a no-go—which is unprofessional in my books. That experience and another one in particular have taught me so much about how I’ll handle such opportunities this year. Here are two challenges of long-distance … Continue reading