Looking forward

Guess what? 2014 is coming, and this girl has goals aplenty! I’ll be exactly 34.5 years old tomorrow—needless to say I don’t have time to dilly-dally, nor do I want to anymore. I don’t know how many years I’ve been alotted and there are a ton of things I want to accomplish so I must get going. I was listening to Steve Harris‘s Get Started Get Hungry podcast yesterday (link) and because I’m an inspiration junkie it was just what I needed. There were some great nuggets in there, things we’ve heard before but forget in the busyness of life. Finding ways to not forget these nuggets will be an important part of 2014, so part of my game plan is to post sticky notes on my mirrors, tape them to my car’s dashboard, and attach them to my laptop. 2014 cannot be like the previous years—it must be incredible. … Continue reading