Thankful: April 2016


It’s here: the last Thursday of April! Another month is nearly behind us, just like that. I hope you had a great month; one that was filled with plenty of things that caused you to say “Thank you, God!”. If you’re a GNG Insider, in a few days I’ll be sharing what I’ve been learning about this whole “looking for love” business. Sign up to receive my monthly messages and you’ll be all set!

Here’s what I’m thankful for this month. Continue reading

Thankful: December 2015

Friends I’m thankful that the last Thankful Thursday of 2015 falls on the very last day of the year—isn’t that perfect? It gives me (and you if you’d like!) the opportunity to reflect on all the things that happened this month but more importantly to reflect on the whole year. Here are this month’s thankful points! 2015 was a good year because my family is alive and we all made it to the last day of the year. Things are not perfect: there are ongoing health issues that we’re trusting God to resolve, there was a period of unemployment for one of us, and of course families have their skirmishes, but I give God thanks for preserving us all. Someone in a Facebook group that I’m in lost two family members in a car accident in Nigeria this week, further reminder that each day is a gift. Speaking of car … Continue reading

Coming from “a good family”

In my extended family, background checks are done on a prospective bride or groom entering the family to determine whether this individual comes from “a good family”. Say whaaat?! This isn’t an official or formal check, and my family doesn’t include any law enforcement individuals—what the extended family does is they try to meet as many members of the family as possible and Continue reading

Family dynamics


Family dynamics intrigue me: it’s interesting that something one family considers normal can be the oddest thing to another family. For example, families show affection in different ways (some kiss on the lips) or have different approaches to punishment (some do not spank). A couple of my colleagues have told me that while my parents may actually be cute or adorable as I’ve been known to call them, they would never use those words to describe their parents. But no matter how different families may be, Continue reading

One year later: my grandma


Wednesday of last week marked the one year anniversary of my paternal grandmother’s death. I didn’t remember the anniversary until the following day—it came to me suddenly on my way home from work. Even though I had spoken to my dad on the phone that Wednesday evening, he didn’t bring mention it; he later told me that he didn’t want me to feel bad for not remembering. Continue reading