Goals and resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year! Thank God that we made it to 2018!

Eighteen has always been a special number for me because my birthday falls on the 18th (of June). Because of that, I’m claiming 2018 as my year (but we can share): no more playing, no more passive expectation! This is the only life (on earth) that I get and I owe it to myself to live it BIG, not for bragging rights but because I know that I’ll regret it if I do anything less than this.

I have a long history not following through on my resolutions and the reason I don’t follow through is I want freedom! I like doing what I want when I want to but I recently heard something that resonated with me: Continue reading

Wading backwards through chest-high snow

If you’ve been following along closely, you may recall that I changed the tagline of my blog from Murdering the Yoruba language since 1979 (hehe—I love this tagline so much!) to Ordinary woman pursuing an extraordinary life. It sounds inspirational, right? Based on what you’ve read about me over the years and this new tagline, you’d might expect that in the almost two years that I’ve had this tagline I would have:

  • become more Christ-like
  • conquered obesity
  • become a money-making entrepreneur
  • become less fearful of doing things
  • set up the cozy home of my dreams
  • gotten married
  • had a babytwins (because: I’m no longer 25)
  • conquered my natural hair
  • become a passable cook
  • conquered gossip

I would say that I hate to disappoint you but Continue reading

The bad habits I’ve picked up while living alone

Living alone is great; in fact, there are things that I’ll miss when I get married and have children; “oodles of ‘me time'” tops that list. However, there’s a season for everything and I’ve spent enough time in this season. But this isn’t what I want to talk about today. Oh no, today I want to tell you about the bad habits I’ve allowed to flourish in my life because I could! There’s no one to hold me accountable but me, and I was on vacation for a while, apparently! Continue reading

Questions for the unfulfilled

First off, Happy Birthday to Maggielola, the awesome woman behind Worship and Swag! May God continue to bless her hustle and her life as she shares her message with the world.

My birthday is less than a week away, and there’s nothing like an upcoming birthday to trigger introspection. Around this time for the past few years, I crave alone time to spend thinking about my life. I mostly think about how I’m not where I thought I would be by this age, and to be honest I get frustrated and upset about it. I know that beating myself up mentally won’t change things, so I shut down the pity party as soon as it begins.

The questions I’ve been asking myself are: Continue reading

Weekly to dos: ten


This past weekend I discovered a couple who’ve been rocking the internet for while—Alex and Mimi Ikonn. If you’re an inspiration junkie like me you’ll fall in love with them. I’ve been watching their YouTube videos and I’m particularly resonating with the fact that they are Canadian immigrants, like me (and many others, of course). They lived in Toronto for most of their time in Canada; now they travel around the world and are currently living in London, England. I plan to share more about them this week, possibly on my newsletter rather than the blog, so you better sign up for it! Continue reading

Weekly to dos: nine

Just when you think you can’t stand the cold any longer, a long weekend in the form of Family Day comes on the third Monday of February. It’s extra cold outside so I’m going to spend the day at home, doing homey things like cleaning, purging junk, and maybe some gardening too.

Last week's to dos

Blogging and Websites
My focus has to remain on NBA business. Once these Awards are over, I’m going to be recruiting a dream team of volunteers for a live 6th Nigerian Blog Awards in early 2016. More immediately, we need people to volunteer their time every four months to check one or two categories, to find blog links are no longer active. Berry Dakara has offered to go through some of them but we could definitely use more volunteers so if you have a good internet connection and an hour or so to click links, please let me know!

Done, though the job is not yet done.


  1. Have a green smoothieDone
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