Hairstory (my hair history)

Good Naija Girl's Hairstory - age 10For the first 17 years of my life, my hair was relaxer-free and my mom was our family’s hair guru: she took care of the hair of five people, often staying up late to do it all, especially before school would start in September. This is one of the many reasons that I’d do anything for my mom—she was dedicated to our upkeep. At first she did the Yoruba style of braiding (irun didi, which looked like teeeny french braids) for my sister and I and sometimes she’d “thread” our hair (irun kiko? I’m sure that’s not the right term); later she learned how to cornrow (we called it weaving) which is similar to irun didi. Continue reading

State of the hair address

My hair’s at the point where I just want to shave it off! It looks terrible and it’s because I don’t get excited at the thought of styling my hair: washing, weekly deep conditioning, and occasionally using a curling iron is all I can commit to. The rest of the time it looks really bad, as if I was raised without knowledge of what a comb or brush is. I wear a “satin” sleeping cap to bed and that keeps me from waking up with severe “bedhead”, and I use that as an excuse to do no more than take off the cap and head to work, often without even combing my hair. Really, I’m a mess…see for yourself: I increased the time between relaxers to make my hair healthier (I used to relax it every 8-9 weeks, now I’m going 12-13 weeks between relaxers) and around the 10-week mark … Continue reading

Revisiting my old hair dresser

Desperate to have my hair relaxed at the last minute last Saturday, I went back to my former hair dresser. She was happy to see me but unfortunately nothing had changed about how she manages her business: she still drops a customer to go and ring in purchases at the cash, she’s still talking on the phone over your head while she’s doing your hair, she still leaves the relaxer on too long and she still uses too much oil on my hair that by day two (post-relaxer) the hair is weighed down and stringy looking. I mentioned to her that I went to another salon and said that I don’t allow my scalp to get burned anymore, but I didn’t actually say that I started shopping for other salons because she was burning my hair (what a wimp I am!). As a person, I think she’s a nice lady: … Continue reading

Update on the hair

Thank you for the tips and comments that were left with regard to relaxing my hair. I went to the lady as planned and I told her that I would like her to leave the relaxer in longer than she normally would and she agreed to five minutes longer and no more. She set the timer and the moment it went off she took me to rinse it off. I was concerned that five minutes wouldn’t make enough of a difference but thank God it did! My hair was straight and even a week later when I washed it and let it air dry, it looked the way I expect well-relaxed, air-dried hair to look. I took a picture of the freshly relaxed and styled hair but it didn’t look so great. I normally pay $70 before taxes to get my hair relaxed at this place, $79.10 with our 13% … Continue reading