Happy Birthday, goodnaijagirl.com!

Happy New Year, friends! My first post this year is courtesy of the fact that today is goodnaijagirl.com’s seven year anniversary and I realized it about halfway through the day. If anything was going to lure me to write a post today, it’s that. Here’s my first blog post: For a short snippet about me, please start at my About page. I have a 100 things list too, but it’ll take me a while to get up to 100 facts about me. I will be updating it as I go along. You can find some basic information about me on there too. I guess it makes sense to start with why I started a blog about being a Nigerian North American (NNA) who doesn’t quite feel like she fits in. Well, for one, I’m hoping to attract people in the same boat. You don’t have to be a Nigerian North … Continue reading

The kind of 30-something I want to be

I’m 34 years old and I’m ok with my upcoming 35th birthday because I’ve decided to trust God regarding being an older mom. Sure I’m not where I thought I would be by now but that’s ok, as long as I’m inching forward. If like me you’re in your 30s and life has been a bit boring lately and way too sedentary for your liking, read on about one real and one fictional (who’s so real!) who’ve inspired me. Both have qualities I’d like to have: openness, fun-seeking, fearlessness (or doing things despite their fear), and contentment. Sarah Von Bargen I subscribe to the email newsletters of a certain Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes and they’re the only email newsletters I look forward to receiving each week because her enthusiasm for life jumps off the page at you. Since I’m an inspiration junkie, the fact that she seems … Continue reading

Battling complacency

Why are some people incredibly motivated while others are complacent? My answer is environment. Not everyone who grows up in a rough environment is more motivated to transcend their situation (and not all who are raised in the lap of luxury are slackers), but that doesn’t stop me from blaming my beloved Canada for some of my complacency. ;) In my early teens my dream car was a Honda Civic hatchback, then an Eagle Talon (or was it vice versa?), but as I grew older I wondered if I even needed a car because I work downtown and parking is outrageously expensive so I take the bus. I eventually decided to get a car, but the plan was to get an inexpensive vehicle that was good on gas that I could drive until it died, hopefully not before 10-15 years of ownership. I initially didn’t think I’d own a new … Continue reading