Thankful: September 2017, October 2017, November 2017, and December 2017

I’m back! Back in Canada and back with you, dear reader. Sayo and I are in a long-distance marriage (hopefully not for too long!) and I’m still getting used to wearing my wedding ring on a daily basis, particularly on days that I don’t leave the house!

2017 has been unforgettable and a testament to what God can do for anyone. My dad always says you don’t have to be a prayer warrior or a perfect human in order for God to answer your prayers and I’m definitely proof of that! I’m so thankful that God’s goodness isn’t dependent on who we are but on who He is.

I’ll be sharing more details about our relationship and wedding in 2018 (by God’s grace) but on this last Thursday of 2017, allow me to catch up on my thankful posts. Continue reading

Thankful: August 2017

Hello, September and an even bigger hello to you! After displaying a tiny bit of consistency on this blog I dropped off, even though I know it’s one of the worst things that a blogger can do. Writing something worth reading when one is feeling bad isn’t easy, which only increases the blogging break. That being said, I thank God for the much-needed holiday of Labour Day. August was full of built-in thankful things and I’d like to share those as well as other things with you.
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Thankful: July 2017

When I thought of the things that I’m thankful for this month, I realized that it’s a shame that I don’t keep a pen-and-paper recording of prayer requests because: wouldn’t it be awesome to go over all you’ve prayed for and see how God has answered your prayers? (If you do this, tell me how worthwhile it is!) I bet the list of things I’m thankful for each month would triple if I started keeping track on a daily basis.

  1. On the list of answered prayers that I’m thankful for, I can’t believe (but I can; human nature) how quickly I forgot that last year my mom had two eye surgeries and I remember how I was feeling and how motivated I was to pray during this time. I thank God that she got through it and she has been doing alright since. I give Him glory for the medical experts that my mom has in her life and the work they do to support her.

    In the same vein, this month I also thought about November 2013, when I drove my mom and sister (who was several months pregnant with my nephew) to the US for some Black Friday shopping. The weather conditions were Continue reading

Thankful: June 2017

June is my favourite month of the year and not just because it’s my birthday month! Summer in Canada officially begins in June and if you lived in Ottawa, where the winters are long and c-o-l-d, you’d understand why summer is such a big deal (full disclosure: it did hail yesterday—yup, ice pellets—so summer isn’t off to the warmest start but we have hope). It’s time for another Thankful post so let’s get started!

  1. I’m thankful for my sister and her husband’s accomplishments while my mom and I were in Nigeria: they worked on things that will move them forward as a family and it was great to come back and celebrate with them. There’s so much happening in that family to give God thanks for and I look forward to sharing Continue reading

Thankful: May 2017

We’re almost two weeks into June and I won’t let this month to pass without me sharing what I was thankful for last month.

  1. Predictably, I’m going to start by thanking God for journey mercies to and from Nigeria. My mom and I left Canada at the end of April and we arrived safely back here at the end of May. The flights were great (being fat on a plane, not so much), and I thank God that I’m more confident about flying with every flight I take.

    Getting to Nigeria is one thing, but security when moving around is a serious issue. We travelled from Akure to Ilorin and it was the most frightening part of the trip for me: the driver took risks while driving that I wouldn’t take even if I was driving my enemy. He refused to ask for directions even when he got lost twice—the first time, it wasn’t a case of we were going east instead of west; we literally drove around in a huge circle. At one point we ended up on a heavily eroded dirt road, the forest was on either side of us and no other cars were behind or in front of us for the whole stretch. I later found out that I wasn’t the only one praying that we would get out of there before darkness fell—the road was totally abandoned and God forbid we should run out of gas. After that experience, you’d think the driver would be contrite but no: the next time we got lost, the guy waited until five of us were yelling at him before he would seek direction!

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Thankful: April 2017

How has your April been? Mine seemed to fly by yet a lot happened. The biggest thing is that God brought my mom and I safely to Nigeria; we arrived less than 24 hours ago. It was actually the smoothest experience ever, with several highlights:

  • We had no baggage-related trouble—usually the trouble begins when I pack too much and have to pay extra but this time I decided that I won’t do that. Next, the airport that we left from is very strict about baggage limits: we’re each allowed two 23kg luggages and they’ll usually let us go of the luggage is 23.4kg or below. This time our 24kg luggage went without issue. 
  • We had no carry-on related trouble (last year we were told it was too big and they put it in checked luggage); I planned to buy a smaller carry-on but didn’t and I wasn’t questioned about it once. 
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport had air conditioning! It wasn’t all over but enough that I missed it once we exited the airport. 
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