Thank God it’s still Thursday on the west coast

Proof that my life is hectic right now: I’m late yet again with my Thankful Thursdays.

Sometimes when you embark on something, the journey seems so long, and the end seems so far away. You may face challenges that cause you to lose hope, you might doubt yourself, or second guess yourself along the way. But then things fall into place. The right people come into your life at the right time and say those encouraging words you need to hear, or do those things you thought you’d never find someone to help you do. And all of a sudden, you realize that it’s happening and you’re doing it and it’s great. That’s how I feel right now. Of course the journey isn’t over yet and there are more adventures to come but I’m happy with the way things are going so far.
I’m also thankful for my sister. We’re opposites in so many ways: she’s a rabid sports fan (all sports! It’s sick!) while I am not, she is a morning person, while you should not talk to me in the morning if you value your life, she loves mayonnaise and condiments in general (I don’t), she has trouble keeping her side of the bathroom clean…you get the point. But somehow, we seem to find some common ground. We’ll often leave our rooms to go somewhere and realize we’re wearing very similar outfits, we often respond using the exact same words, as if we’d previously rehearsed it, and no one makes me laugh like she does.

We’ve recently been bonding by watching a tv series that a colleague loaned me and it’s been great establishing a “thing” we do. It’s funny that we’re even doing this because I’m not a big tv watcher and she didn’t think she’d enjoy the series but we’re really enjoying it and hanging out together too.
I’ve been wearing glasses for over 20 years now. I remember the ugly glasses of my past (though I thought they were cool back then), the thickness of my lenses that forced me to look at getting contact lenses, the difficulty I had wearing contacts and then the frames I got almost seven years ago, frames that changed how I felt about wearing glasses, and made wearing glasses feel like a cool thing, not a geeky one. I still wear my seven year old frames and though I’m in need of new frames, I am so grateful that the option of wearing glasses is available, and there is such a variety of frames available! There was a time when people with my kind of eyesight would probably have to beg for a living because they’d be considered blind. Thank God for technology and the advances that have been made with respect to sight. That is one sense that I really do not take for granted.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been faced with our mortality as humans more and more. As a result, there are some unspoken things that I’m thankful for that in the past would have been things I’d complain about, things like an interaction at work, or having too much stuff, or even having too many obligations to friends. It can be tempting to focus on the obviously unpleasant parts of those things, but I am grateful for the optimistic and positive spin that I’ve been able to put on these things lately.

I’ve somehow managed to catch a cold and I’m feeling very stuffed up and headache-y as a result. I’m therefore thankful that this cold will be 100% gone by the time I wake up tomorrow…right? ;)

22 thoughts on “Thank God it’s still Thursday on the west coast

  1. love your thankfullness. Awww @ you and your sister :-) I love that you always see the positive things it's helping to remind me to do the same. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get better soon!

  2. GNG hope u feel better now…colds r terrible…

    Thank God for ur opportunity 2bond with ur sis, n 4 ur sight n d options available 2 u…

    have a lovely weekend…

    PS; I have finally done the 1st letter meme u tagged me in…not so easy though…chk it out…cheers

  3. I'm thankful for you and i so admire your relationship with your sisters…hmph, if only my sister and i wouldn't be so much of cat and mouse…unfortunately hardly any opportunity to bond anymore…i live several miles away from her and i'm married…it's well!

    And you've been wearing same frames for 7 years! Gosh…i can't count how many i've had in the same time frame. You should teach me how to do it!

    I'm thankful for you my friend!

  4. So beautifully spelt out. There's a lot to be thankful for in life if only we as humans would be more reflective and ponder more on the lil things God has blessed us with rather than the big things we desire which brings destruction at the end of it all…

    I hope and pray i can get to that point where my words..all my words will be embedded with a greatful heart.

    Have a very lovely weekend beautiful…

  5. Hmmm……….very profound thankful post today.
    I’m here trying to imagine a GNG with some thick glasses/7 year old frames etc ……lol, but seriously, thank God for technology advances, you cannot ‘over-mention’ that.

    and yes I hope you are better today……..cold gone!

  6. Amen oo, that cold yes you cold, i'm talking to you.. you better leave GNG alone oo. nonsense

    don't worry you will feel matter soon. the cold knows better not to mess with you

    yes its wonderful to be thankful

  7. thank God for you too and your blog. I recently changed my old frames, I wear glasses and you need to check out my new frames. Lovely tortoise/aqua frames with brown shades. Very professional and sexy.

    Glad you are bonding with your sister, missed ya while I was away. Have a good weekend

  8. Amen oooo, cold vanish by force by fire in Jesus name

    Thanks for the second paragraph…i think I needed to hear that

    Family….cant trade them in despite their shortcomings. The right people to bring a smile to your face.

    being different is what makes the world unique; from same womb but different in most things

    have a blessed weekend

  9. Nice thankful- especially about ur sis. what show are u guys watching? I can recomment a few- i'm a big TV person.

    Hope ur cold goes soon. pele.

  10. So happy about bonding with ur sis…

    I used to wear those ugly glasses as well and live in fear of someone having a pic from them days and tagging me on facebook…oh the shame!!!

  11. loved ur list..

    as much as my sisters cud be really annoying sometimes, im thankful for them..i cant imagine life without them..

    u've been wearing the same frames for 7 years?? wow. i wear glasses as scare to cross over to contacts..

    awww get well soon, hon!

    i have a never-ending cold..mscheew

  12. I like the way you always mention one or more of your family members in your thankful posts

    These days wearing glases can look very cool as well…thank God for innovative designs and hi-tech

  13. i am loving the thankful spirit on blogville these days! man, tell me about the vision issues, i hate glasses so i wear contacts. 20 years and u are still going strong, na u biko.

  14. The cold’s gone right?

    Glad that you and your sister are bonding in a nice way. I have 6 sisters and we are all so close!

    I just never imagined you in glasses!

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