Thank God!

I am so thankful that my baby brother lived to see another year of life and turned 21 years of age this week. He’s the biggest pain in the neck (no joke) and he’s used to the fact that as the baby of the family, not much was expected from him so he’s lazy and thinks he can get away with anything. I can still remember when he used to be this tiny plump baby, then a super plump toddler with the cutest little belly, then a super skinny pre-teen and teenager who could eat the entire contents of the house and still claim to be hungry. Now he “works out” so he’s no longer our stringbean. I thank God for his life and for the joy he’s brought to the family. He was the one who completed our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m thankful that my parents have been able to share their life with each other and see their children grow up. Through us, they can look back on how far they’ve come. Last year was the first year that all their children were in their 20s, and this year will be the last (we currently range in age from 21 to 29). Almost 30 years of raising children is no joke! My parents have always overprotected us, ensured we were healthy and safe, and we never lacked for food, clothing or shelter. We are blessed and I hope we can be to our own children the kind of parents my parents have been to us.

I mentioned that I love getting mail and I actually received a letter in the mail this week! It was pretty exciting, especially because I wasn’t expecting it. I was going to email my friend to thank her for the letter but I didn’t because the whole point is to write back, and I’m looking forward to that.

Again I am thankful for our healthcare system here. It is not perfect but I really cannot appreciate it enough. I am also thankful for the improvements that are made regularly to diagnostic equipment so that anything that ails us can be caught sooner rather than later.

I had a really bad evening a couple of nights ago, when thoughts of being single for life took over and left me feeling quite defeated (Note: there is nothing wrong with being single for life if that is what you want, but that is not what I want). I let those thoughts out and received such warmth and encouragement from friends online and by phone. I prayed too, which always helps and the next day my mood was the exact opposite: I was smiling and feeling just great. I’m so glad that these not so great times don’t happen often.

I have much to be thankful for…I hope you do too.

19 thoughts on “Thank God!

  1. I am thankful for you GNG who reminds me to be thankful!

    I understand that you might panic sometimes about being single but watching from the outside I am absolutely not worried for you, I am actually very certain that it will happen for u when you least expect! Just keep being your positive lovely self. I might not know u in person but I can tell you have a wonderful character.

    I hope you have a great weekend :-)

  2. I am also thankful that you remind me to be thankful, only this morning I was lamenting my salary that got paid yesterday…that I have already finished spending…but now I am thankful I even have a salary…

  3. I also went down a bit last week thinking of the possibility of being single….forever..I also thought of all the relationships I said yes to then walked away…I couldn't for the life of me remember why I walked…

  4. You like your thankful post, you almost remind me there is alot to be thankful about. Happy birthday to your brother, funny thing my baby brother is turning 21 next week too. How time flies.

    I am glad you are feeling better now :)

  5. I am thankful cos you just reminded me to be thankful. God bless you! I am with afrobabe..i was annoyed that the salary that was paid a few days was almost gone and I still have stuff to do. I am thankful that I have a job that pays enough to have my siblings ask me for

    I am thankful that I am single..and I know that I will get mine when I least expect it …

    so GNG…not to worry, your turn will come, u hear?

  6. happy birthday to ur lil'bro. I like your take on singleness, its not a crime to be single but you have chosen not to remain one. I like your resolve.

  7. God has truly blessed me that i know within myself that i owe him a debt of gratitude for the so much he has done for me,my family, friends and aquaintances and for the special people who have through their numerous,powerful and inspirational posts,added value to my life

    Cant be greatful enough and thanks for always been there to remind me always that your one of those special people who add value to me through your thanksgivin posts every thursday…

  8. awww……happy birthday to your brother. You will always see him as the little boy….I know I still consider my brother as that.

    I liked the second paragraph and how you put it….Hope my parents sees things that way.

    as per last paragraph…..Its similar to tigeress's last post. sometimes, those thots/moments crop up; I am glad you got back to your usual self. Dont let the stinky thinking get back to you.

  9. happy birthday to ur "lil" brother…thank God 4 ur parents/family…I'm thankful 4 ALL of God's blessings n mercies…

    About being single 4eva; since u desire 2get married n u've told Him ur desire, I suggest u just sit back n see what d Lord can n will do…

  10. I like that you are so consistent with your Thankful posts.

    Grateful with you for your parents and your family.

    No matter how much time has passed, it hasn't changed the bond you all share. I think that's great.

  11. Thankful for you

    You remind us all to be thankful

    Thankful for your brother's life, and your family ….I bet your parents are so so so grateful to God!

    Good you feel better now, we all know we'll be celebrating the GNG 's engagement soon here on this site!

  12. As usual, I am thankful for absolutely everything! My sista, when something gets you down, take a second to breathe and reassure yourself – you are wonderfully and beautifully made. Someday, your special someone will walk into your life and we go wash am!


  13. ….and when we are thankful for the 'seemingly' little things, we are certain of getting more but, much more importantly; am sure He delights in our thanksgiving.

  14. My dear, No man is an island and God did not create us to be alone. I will be turning 35 years old this year and I am partly afraid because I would like to be married and have children but at the same time I'm so certain and confident that God will bless me with an incredible husband (although he is no where in sight) for some strange reason I am actually fulfilled and content with my life and I know he will come along, I just don't know when.

    Some of things that have helped me is praying, which I'm doing a lot more of. I also go on lots of dates with men (Please note I NEVER sleep with them) But I do think its healthy to have interactions with men and I also don't limit myself. Yes I would love to meet a Naija man but I have dated an Oyinbo man, West Indian and other West African men.

    Your time will come and when it does I beg let me know so I can lift my hands rejoicing in your blessings.

    Please don't lose heart.

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