Thankful and Lagos hotel hunting

It’s one hour before the end of the day and I’m here to share this week’s things that I am thankful for.

I’m thankful for girlfriends that I can share my dating woes with. I always get a laugh from the process of sharing.

I’m thankful for phone calls from people who call just to say they miss me. I love being missed.

I’m thankful that my parents love spending time with each other after almost 34 years of marriage, and they remain a fabulous example of what marriage should be like.

I’m thankful that my oga is kind and supportive. She is such an empathizer.

I am thankful for the long weekend, one that is so important for Christians. As we enjoy sleeping in and taking it easy, may we also think of what Good Friday and Easter Sunday mean to us. I’m thankful for LIFE!

And finally, I’m thankful for all the comments that were shared on the last entry about flying within Nigeria. The information will help me and so many others. With this talk of traveling to Nigeria you’d think I’m going there any minute. I don’t know if I’m even going this year but I’m a believer in getting as much information as possible.

Since you guys were so awesome, I want to talk briefly about hotels.

We don’t have any family in Lagos, but we have some lovely friends who allow us to stay with them before we head to our home state, and then again on our way back to Canada. They are very kind and accommodating, and staying with them certainly helps us keep money in our pockets, but I thought it might be nice to stay in a hotel once or twice. We may still stay with the friends when we land in Nigeria but perhaps on the way back we can try the hotel thing.

Do any of you have advice regarding hotels in Lagos? Which hotels would you recommend and which would you avoid? Have you had any good/bad experiences with certain lodgings? Do you feel safe locking your luggage in your room and roaming the city?

12 thoughts on “Thankful and Lagos hotel hunting

  1. Its good to be thankful for what God has done, what he is doing .

    There are good hotels in Lagos (very many). I stay in Lag so I ve nt stayed in an hotel in Lag before. It also depends on what part of Lagos ure are. But one readily comes to mind thats Protea Hotel. Its in more than one location in Lagos. Enjoy

  2. Hiya :)

    I've stayed in a few hotels in lagos it depends what you are looking for.

    bread in breakfast? self service?

    It can for from 3k a night up to 10k a night. The big grand hotels are on the Island but you have a few nice ones on the mainland which are decent.

    have a lovely Easter sweety

  3. lagos sure has loads of good affordable hotels esp on the mainland…sorry not good with the names but am sure lagosians bloggers will be kind to assist..

    this trip is sounding exciting already!

  4. There are loads of hotels in lagos..Depends on what part of lag you want to be operating from that you don't get caught up with the traffic.

    Wishing you a happy Easter

  5. First time here..Hope you have fun when you get in..Happy Easter.Envy you and your ability to always give gratitude.

  6. Happy Easter to You. I heard Sheraton is the best, can't go wrong with that one, my uncle uses it

  7. The Sheraton in Ikeja never fails me….Right from time, I have always had pleasant experiences there..Even this past January, I found the customer service pretty exceptional, especially since customer service is quite rare in Naija…lol

  8. I've stayed in few and can offer some recommendations.

    Depends on where you want to stay and your budget of course.

    Security wise, most are safe and offer safes where you can store precious items in either the rooms or in the central hotel one.

    However, pls. note that most Nigerians in Nigeria consider it an insult if you come into town and decide to stay in a hotel instead of their homes. Not sure if this applies to Nigerians in the diaspora though.

    The new Federal Palace is great and so is Southern Sun, Sofitel and but I think their regular rooms are small. They are also expensive. Roughly $500+ per night!

    Eko hotels, Protea and Sheraton are also good.

    But, there also lots of smaller hotels that are great.

    I suggest you visit:
    Lots of great user reviews of some of the hotels.

    There are even rankings.

  9. Once again, you guys really came through for me (and hopefully others). Thank you!

  10. Protea hotel in nigeria is the best for me…..I cant imagine staying anywhere else….Customer service on point…Room is way on point…Inshort,i cant spell a enuff…If u wanna stay away from family and friends and spend Me time with ur boo…Protea it is!!!!

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