Thankful: April 2017

How has your April been? Mine seemed to fly by yet a lot happened. The biggest thing is that God brought my mom and I safely to Nigeria; we arrived less than 24 hours ago. It was actually the smoothest experience ever, with several highlights:

  • We had no baggage-related trouble—usually the trouble begins when I pack too much and have to pay extra but this time I decided that I won’t do that. Next, the airport that we left from is very strict about baggage limits: we’re each allowed two 23kg luggages and they’ll usually let us go of the luggage is 23.4kg or below. This time our 24kg luggage went without issue. 
  • We had no carry-on related trouble (last year we were told it was too big and they put it in checked luggage); I planned to buy a smaller carry-on but didn’t and I wasn’t questioned about it once. 
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport had air conditioning! It wasn’t all over but enough that I missed it once we exited the airport. 
  • Our wonderful friends and hosts once again inconvenienced themselves for us. God is so good. 

So many other things to be thankful for:

  1.  My nephew celebrated his third birthday, which means my sister and her husband celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary! The fact that the two fall on the same day never gets old for me. It’s been great watching the family grow and operate as a unit and I’m thankful for these family milestones.
  2. I thank God for Easter which reminds me that he sent his son to die on the cross for my sins, past, present, and future. Sometimes when I think about my Christian walk, I get discouraged by my slow progress to be Christ-like (I’m sure my colleagues, Christian or not, are discouraged too!) but I know I’m getting incrementally better every day.
  3. On four separate occasions, God saved me from car accidents, yes, all in one month! All I could say after these close calls was “Thank God!” over and over again while waiting for my heart to resume beating at a regular pace. God was definitely watching out for me in all cases because while no one would have been hurt in most cases, the thought of having to pay for repairs or pay higher insurance premiums would not have been fun.
  4. I don’t have a Costco membership, so once in a while I go with friends. (Costco is a store that charges you an annual fee to shop there. I reject the idea of paying to then give someone my money when I buy their product but if a friend who has happily paid the membership fee doesn’t mind me tagging along I’m there! I went to Costco three times this month and I spent time in the clothing section. I got a bunch of things that ended up being the wrong sizes so I had to do some returns. Apparently you don’t need to come with your friend when you have a return to do but I had been told that you can’t shop without a membership, and I needed new sizes in some things. I explained my plight and thankfully Costco had a solution: they would put the money I was owed onto a cash card and with a cash card I could get a temporary membership for the shopping trip. This is what I did and it was heavenly to wander the aisles of the store without worrying about wasting someone else’s time. I found things that I was looking for but thought I’d have to buy elsewhere and of course the price was more than right.The best part is that I can do this again because the person who was helping me put the money I was owed on two separate cash cards. It was a little thing but it made my day…I may have to get my own membership soon.
  5. This was a month of revelation for me. It seemed like whenever I asked someone a question they had an answer that spoke to things I hadn’t asked directly. It was such a blessing to get guidance from people who’ve dealt with situations that I’m dealing with, and in part this is why I think blogging is so powerful: by sharing your stories you can impact people in ways you couldn’t 50 years ago.
  6. I thank God for productivity at work this month. I’ve been minimizing distractions and been focused on getting as much done each day as possible. My supervisor noticed and acknowledged it, which felt great.

What are you thankful for?

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