Thankful: August 2014

Oh August! Summer’s ending and fall, complete with its cool evenings and rain, is on its way. The fall weather isn’t so bad, but winter is something else—I wish I could send you some of Ontario’s winter, just to experience it once. But enough about that—August was full of many reasons to give thanks.


  1. My father celebrated another year of life! I know I’m repetitive but when you have parents who have always done their best for you and who show their love in so many ways, why won’t I gush? I know there are many things that my dad still wants to accomplish so as I’m thanking God for his life, I’m trusting that God will give him the means and the health to make those dreams come true. Check out a picture of him from his younger years—he’s a dapper fellow!
  2. I went to a friend’s bachelorette party two weekends ago and initially I was only going to go for dinner because I was feeling old and unfashionable for such an evening. This feeling only got worse when I got to the dinner and saw that of the 13 other girls, 12 were wearing dresses, while I was not. I looked fine but I felt “out of it” and not cool enough to be there, until I thought of my mom and how she’d say “who cares!” to my insecurities and tell me to enjoy myself so I did. I ended up deciding to go dancing after dinner and the place we ended up at played all the songs from when I used to go clubbing—it was great and I had a really good time. I’m thankful that I was able to overcome the negative pep talk I was giving myself for the first half of the dinner.
  3. My sister also had a birthday this month. Even if I didn’t already love her, the adorable nephew I have thanks to her and her husband are reason enough to love her forever and ever, Amen. I’m very thankful for her life—our family wouldn’t be the same without her.
  4. I’m thankful for my hosts last week: I think you know that I went to the big city (Toronto) to attend a Joyce Meyer conference? Cynthia and her husband hosted me for three nights, saving me money in hotel costs, and they also treated me to a yummy brunch.


  1. Of course I’m thankful for the blessings I received from attending the Joyce Meyer conference, which I still need to share! I really got into Joyce Meyer this year—she has a no-nonsense way of talking that convicts you—what she’s sharing isn’t unique in that we’ve heard it before, but she’s been blessed with an ability to communicate her message in a way that grabs you. She’s always challenging us to do more than just listen to her or read her books—I like that she encourages us to not just read but study the bible more.
  2. Monday marked my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary. If you’ve been following along closely you’ll know that my parents have been in a long distance relationship (they live about six hours from each other) for three years and counting. It’s not ideal but I’m thankful for how they’ve managed their situation for this long and I can’t wait for them to be living together 24/7 again. I’m thankful for the strong foundation that their marriage is and glad that God has given them to each other—they really complement each other. I tell them that if they were both the same it would be a nightmare, hehe!
  3. If you haven’t joined the communi-GNG (ahem, GNG community; also: if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), you’ll remember that I mentioned that I’m expecting good news on the front of finding sponsors for the Nigerian Blog Awards. The month is not over yet—there remain three days—so I’m thanking God in advance of my miracle!

8 thoughts on “Thankful: August 2014

  1. Awwww happy belated birthday Sis GNG and Daddy GNG (haha!). Many more years to come in joy, goodness and greatness. As for Joyce Meyer? She has a way of nudging me with her words.

    • Thanks, Missy Tee, and amen to your kind wishes for my dad and sister :).

      You’re right about Joyce Meyer’s ability to reach people!

  2. Triple congratulatory messages to your dad, sister and parents. WOW! You are certainly blessed and it is always good to be thankful. I join you to appreciate GOD for HIS goodness in your family.

  3. Wow! So many thinks to thank God for.. Happy birthday to your dapper dad and sister!
    Congratulations to your parents on their 38th (!) anniversary.. May the love grow deeper and sweeter in Jesus name.
    Can’t wait for you to share your Joyce Meyer learnings!
    3 days left but more than sufficient for what God can do!

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