Thankful: December 2013

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas—mine went pretty much as expected; it was really nice. The only surprise is that I missed most of the Boxing Day sales because I was just so tired! I didn’t know what to do with myself and my sister finally had to ask me to stop complaining about missing the sales but this is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I hope it’s not a sign that I’m getting old!

Something about the Christmas season always makes me reflective, and I know I’m not alone. In this last thankful post for 2013 I end the year with a lot of thankfulness. I was actually tempted to post this a week early because I am SO THANKFUL this month! God is faithful, but nothing reminds me of this like when we experience near-misses, when you realize how your life could have changed instantly.

  1. My mother was in a car accident last Tuesday and she is alive and well. I THANK GOD with everything in me for this. It’s crazy how things work: I was at home that morning, having just received a call from work at 8:46am, telling me that I didn’t have to come in because there was a power outage and the office building was not in working order. As I was wrapping up this phone call, I received a call from my mom’s cell phone which I missed. My mother is a darling and a half, so I thought was calling me to say hello as she often does. As I dialed her number I was looking forward to telling her I was at home because I knew she’d be happy for me that I didn’t have to go to work. Instead she was telling me that she had just been hit by a truck on the driver’s side, her side.

    I was in shock of course and kept asking if she was ok, but my God is GOOD. She was spared and I could hear somebody asking her if she was ok. She was taken to the hospital right away because she has a number of health concerns that would be immediately impacted by such a shock to her system, but I praise God because she is ok. The car sustained serious damages but my mother is alive. I THANK GOD.

    After I got off the phone with her the first time, I dropped to my knees and just kept repeating Thank you God, Thank you God, over and over again. It was the only reaction that made sense. Then I played Matt Redman’s Never Once over and over again until I went to pick her up from the hospital. The chorus resonated with me:

    Never once did we ever walk alone
    Never once did you leave us on our own
    You are faithful God, you are faithful
    You are faithful God, you are faithful

    She is the very best Christmas gift that our family received this year.

  2. I hosted a Christmas party on December 7 and I’m thankful for the ways in which my mom and sister were once again so helpful. My mom made akara which was great since I can’t make it and my friends love it. The party started at 7:00pm and my mom was working until 6:00pm. I was running late (surprise, surprise!) so when I heard the doorbell ring just after 6:00pm I was horrified that it might be a guest. Instead it was my dear mother, who came over straight from work to see how things were going. After a quick hug I put her to work, sending her to the store with a shopping list. She saved the day! And my sister is just the best: she was in the kitchen with me, putting the finishing touches on everything, and she decorated the cookies I baked and they were a hit. She also slept over and it was great to get some much-needed sister time together. We enjoyed a lazy Sunday after all our hard work!
  3. The Nigerian Blog Awards generally, and more specifically the Twitter Awards Show on December 15 were handled without issues and I’m very thankful for that. If you participated in any aspect of the Awards—nominating, voting, retweeting, thank you!
  4. I have almost 1.5 weeks off from work because our office closes this year from December 23 to January 1. This is a lovely gift that I sometimes take for granted but many only have December 25, 26, and January 1 off so I know I’m blessed.

What are you thankful for?

8 thoughts on “Thankful: December 2013

  1. Thank God for your mother’s life! Why do I get the feeling your sis has a bun in the oven I don’t even know her yet that very strange thought occurred to me more than once while reading this post lol it’s ok if you can’t tell us either way don’t worry:) Anyway have a happy new year GNG family!

    • Thank you, Pendo. I’m looking forward to being an auntie, but only God knows exactly when that will be (soon, I hope—we need a baby running around!). Best wishes to you in 2014…make it the best year ever!

  2. Thanking God with you that your Mom came out trumps. Beautiful words in the song by Redman. Will look for it to listen to.

    Aww,how sweet of you to host a party for your friends. Hope you all hard fun.

    Wow, you really should appreciate your days off work. I had rotas for the 25, 26, 31 and even the 1st. My employers are ‘The Grinches’ that stole Xmas :(.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday! Have a wonderful new year ahead

    • Happy New Year, Ginger…I really appreciate your thoughtful comments over the years!

      Aww, boo on your employers…Grinches indeed! I hope you’ll be able to have more time to rest and relax this year.

  3. Thank God for your mother’s life, Thank God He is faithful even when we’re not. He would NEVER leave us nor forsake us means exactly that.
    What an awesome blessing to have your family around you, Happy new year!

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