Thankful: December 2015

Friends I’m thankful that the last Thankful Thursday of 2015 falls on the very last day of the year—isn’t that perfect? It gives me (and you if you’d like!) the opportunity to reflect on all the things that happened this month but more importantly to reflect on the whole year.

Here are this month’s thankful points!

  1. 2015 was a good year because my family is alive and we all made it to the last day of the year. Things are not perfect: there are ongoing health issues that we’re trusting God to resolve, there was a period of unemployment for one of us, and of course families have their skirmishes, but I give God thanks for preserving us all. Someone in a Facebook group that I’m in lost two family members in a car accident in Nigeria this week, further reminder that each day is a gift.
  2. Speaking of car accidents, I’m thankful for protection. The weather two days ago was terrible—we received 30 centimetres (12 inches) of snow in one day and while driving my brother to the airport I got into a car accident—my brakes were pretty much useless. Thankfully, the car was moving so slowly that nobody was injured. I was upset by the damages to the car but my brother reminded me to be thankful that neither of us were injured. I’m also thankful that a portion of the damages will be covered by the mandatory car insurance I’ve been paying monthly since I’ve had the car.
  3. I started a mastermind group near the end of October and we held our last meeting of the year in mid-December. The support of the group is something that I’m thankful for—I’ve benefited from having like-minded women to discuss things with and I look forward to more of the same in 2016.
  4. Has anyone else noticed how expensive smart phones have gotten nowadays? I thank God for provision and for the great things my new phone will allow me to do—both imagined and actual things (hehe).
  5. I’m thankful that my office was closed between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, giving my colleagues and I some days off. It has been a blessing to disconnect from work—I really needed it!
  6. I’m thankful that my immediate family was reunited for Christmas—it was our first Christmas with my nephew as he was in Nigeria last year—he was the star of the day and he was predictably overwhelmed—I don’t think all of his gifts have been opened yet!
  7. Finally, I’m thankful for you, for making the time to read my blog and watch my Periscopes and by doing so, support my online endeavours.

5 thoughts on “Thankful: December 2015

    • Thank you, Tunde—a couple of days after the accident I was struck anew by how differently things could have gone so my thankfulness has increased. I hope you’re able to get the PC and smartphone this year (if you haven’t already).

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