Thankful: February 2016

February has been my frenemy: it left me unmotivated, in low spirits, with an aching knee that continues to make the most disgusting sound when I go up the stairs, and I was sick for about two weeks (and counting). There has been too much private self pity this month so thank God it’s time for a Thankful Thursday!

No lie: these thankful posts give me life. To develop an attitude of thankfulness I had to learn to focus on small things (because it’s not every month that I’ll be thanking God for losing 100 pounds or getting married!). If you find that you can’t get excited about the small things that happen in your life, accept my challenge: deliberately look for small things that are going well and just as deliberately thank God for it or for them—that’s it! Here’s this month’s thankful list.

  1. As I shared on Periscope this week, great things happens when you put yourself out there. I shared my vision board and someone who saw it decided to bless me with her paid program to help me with one of my goals, completely free of charge! This gifter is someone I’ve known online for a matter of months—we hadn’t met or spoken one-on-one prior to her gift. The lesson I got from that is to let people help you: you don’t have to do things alone. Along with that, you have to be open to the opportunities that may come your way from your decision to put yourself out there.
  2. I’m thankful to have my car back after it was in the shop for a week. I had access to a rental car but I didn’t want it to get scratched and have to pay to fix it—I feel a lot more comfortable in my vehicle.
  3. I see the healing that’s taken place so far with me and I’m encouraged and thankful. I’m declaring that no more illness will fall upon us this year. We will be strong and healthy, healthier than we’ve ever been in Jesus’ name.
  4. I’ve been talking about wanting to be an entrepreneur for years and this month I took a tangible step and accepted a paid opportunity to share my blogging knowledge one-on-one. It’s been a learning experience so far (I recorded a video of myself right after the conclusion of the first session so I’d remember how I felt) and I’ve received some positive feedback. However, I know that there’s room for improvement and I’m looking forward to the growth that both the “student” and “teacher” will experience.
  5. I took a break from Periscope recently and I’m not yet back to my regular broadcasting schedule. I’m glad I took the time to reflect on how I was using Periscope. With all social media there’s a balance between using it for fun and using it purposefully, and I’m often fighting to maintain that balance of using it for fun without annoying those who choose to follow me.

    The other thing I want to say about breaks is our society doesn’t celebrate taking breaks. Instead we’re urged to put more and more on our plates and to answer the question “How are you?” with “Busy. I’m sooooo busy.” I hate it when someone tells me how busy they are because oftentimes I think one of the things keeping them busy is the time they’re spending telling everyone how busy they are! This month I’ve mentioned being busy and I hate that I was one of “those people”: I prefer to manage my time better and set boundaries so that I get the important stuff done—I really don’t care if someone thinks I’m sitting at home eating bon bons (have you tried real bon bons by the way? Delicious!). We’re not supposed to be stressed; we’re supposed to be at peace no matter what’s on our plate because we don’t have to do it alone—we’ve got God.
  6. I’m happy to report that the malware on the Nigerian Blog Awards website is gone; and Google and the Blog Awards website are back on good terms—thank God. And I’m thankful for my replacement laptop battery.

What are you thankful for this month?

12 thoughts on “Thankful: February 2016

  1. I too got my car back from repair and its running really well.
    I was in despair with it and was about to sell it but Pete talked me out of it. So happy he did.

    • Thank God for that! I know how much you like having a car to cruise around town so I’m glad you have your car back and in working order, Matt!

    • No I’m not married, nor do I have a fiancé or boyfriend yet! I meant that if I only waited for big things such as marriage or weight loss to happen before giving thanks then I won’t have much to be thankful for.

      You’ll see wedding pictures on Facebook when that happens, by God’s grace. :)

  2. J,
    God will complete and perfect all that concerns you.
    Great posts! I’m glad for your strength and courage, everything is going to be alright.

  3. And I thought I was the only one with knee problems lol. Mine is from an injury last November getting better now thanks to swimming. I am thankful for everything that is happening in my life right now. Oh can i just drop this go fund me link here if you are able to please tweet it for me GNG:) not on twitter anymore:(

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