Thankful: February 2017

  1. February in my corner of the world was wicked weather-wise but God brought us through—I’m declaring by faith that we’re through—a rough winter. There’s technically about a month of winter left but the worst must be behind us—the fact that there’s more sunlight each day makes it easy to believe that good weather is on its way.
  2. This month I took a leap of faith on the business front and invested time and a little bit of money in a business idea that I had been thinking about for several months. You might be thinking, Why did it take you so long to go for it?! but it actually took me a lot less time than it usually does to reach a decision (especially since a little money was involved!) so that’s the part I’m thankful for.
  3. One of my favourite children—who happens to be a Valentine’s Day baby!—celebrated her third birthday and I’m thankful for the joy she brings to her family and to me. She’s smart and quite charming, from the way she says my name to her chattiness—sometimes I find myself ignoring adult conversation to respond to her! With her and with my little loves, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to see life through their eyes.
  4. On the Good Naija Blogs front, I’m thankful for slow but steady growth on Instagram and in the Facebook group, and for the upcoming ways in which I will bring value to the community of people who want to blog better. Today in the Facebook group (Good Naija Bloggers), one of the members encouraged me publicly to keep on going—it was unexpected and appreciated.
  5. My niece celebrated four months of life this month and oh my goodness she brings so much joy to our lives! I’m thankful that God is keeping her healthy and safe for us through her parents, my mom, and all of us who love her.
  6. This past weekend I caught the worst cold of my life (no exaggeration); I spent two days barely able to breathe thanks to a plugged nose. But isn’t it amazing how God made the human body? As I would try to sleep, my mouth would close which would wake me up because with my mouth closed and my nose plugged I can’t breathe! I’m so thankful for “little” things like that that happen “automatically”. Not being able to taste the food you’re eating is bizarre; it has been another reminder of how the human body works, how closely the sense of taste is connected to the ability to smell, and how pleasurable it is to actually taste your food! I appreciate these things that I had totally been taking for granted!
  7. One of my particularly caring friends celebrated a milestone birthday this week. Proof of how caring they are: when I called with birthday wishes we spent more time talking about my cold than about birthday gist (maybe because I sounded like a troll? Nah, even when I’m fine it would have been the same thing!). God has over-blessed me with caring people in my life, enough to make you say “Why are you so blessed in this area, Jummy? No, seriously, why?” and give me a side-eye. I pray that I’m showing at least as much care to other people as I’m receiving.

And that, my friends, is February in terms of things that I’m thankful for!

What are you thankful for this month? I want to know!

One thought on “Thankful: February 2017

  1. Sorry about the cold. I get colds too and I know they aren’t funny.
    I will check out good naija blogs as soon as I can. Congrats on the growth.
    My February was so so but I thank God for life, no bad news and good health. March is when I add another year so I am excited for that.

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