Thankful for coworkers who become friends

When I find out that someone has a difficult coworker or work environment, my advice to them is usually to go to work and just focus on your work rather than making friends. “You don’t go to work to make friends”, I’ll say. “Be polite, courteous and civil, but when it comes to thoughts of friendship and hanging out, think of the friends you have outside of work for that.” This is easier said than done, however, especially if you’re someone who likes being liked (as I have discovered I do), so I am so thankful that all through my working life, God has blessed me with coworkers that become real friends, either while we’re working together or after one of us moves on.

As I mentioned, at my full time job there are a few single women who have been hanging out as a group. We’ve only gone out two or three times so far, but the great thing is that friendships on a one on one basis have grown because of these few meetings. Now, when one of these coworkers walks by my office and says good morning, 15 minutes later we’ll still be conversing. This isn’t great for my productivity but I am really enjoying getting to know these women better. :)

One of my coworkers in particular deserves special mention. She is a true Pollyanna because she has really gotten the hang of focusing on the good in life, even when lemons are tossed at her (as they were at the beginning of the year). Despite her positivity, she’s got a lot of strength and is still able to be honest about the less than pleasant things she’s gone through, and these things together make her a pretty cool person. I admire the steps she’s taken to put her life together, and the tough decisions she’s had to make. I’m glad that lately she’s been sharing some rather fun things that have started happening in her life (of course we’re talking about a potential man here) with an excitement that one wouldn’t expect in someone her age, and it’s cute watching her go through these giddy moments, because one minute she’ll be lost in the clouds and the next she’s mentally slapping herself back to reality. Also, if I ever start exercising regularly and believing in my ability to get where I want to on the weight front, she will be one of the (many!) contributors to that new me. Her final attribute is that she has mastered the art of focusing on the good in people rather than stressing over the bad, so talking to her is very refreshing.

And this is just one of my coworkers! I could sing the praises of at least two others, and there is another coworker who loves me so much I really don’t deserve it. She’s always looking out for me and leaving little things for me on my desk. When I shared with her that I didn’t have any tools, I found a cute screwdriver set, tied with ribbon, waiting on my desk the next morning. She’s very sweet.

This evening, I’ll be meeting three young ladies I used to work with at a clothing store for dinner. We haven’t worked together for years, but we make it a point to hang out every few months and we have such a blast. It’s a great time to catch up on our lives and rehash those stories from the years we worked together that refuse to die and are the fodder for inside jokes, and see if anyone knows what happened various colleagues. And of course they always ask me if I still work at the store part time (they’ve moved on) and I always say yes. It’ll be 10 years this August; I really need to let this job go.

Anyway, I’ll make sure to have a yummy drink tonight and toast that unexpected locale for making new friends — the workplace.

15 thoughts on “Thankful for coworkers who become friends

  1. Good one o

    It's a blessing to have friends where you work, because truth be said, we spend most of our waking moments at our various work places,

    Like you said it's said than done that 'focus on your work' you really cannot separate the individual from his /her work. When a person is happy, whole, relaxed etc….it shows in their work

    I am thankful to God too that I have 'friends' where I work.

    Thankful to God on your behalf.

    please send my own share of the 'yummy drink' and toast

  2. This was a really good one!

    Like Olafunke said – it can be hard because we spend most of our waking moments at work. So I honestly don't think we'll ever be happy if our permanent work place was a place with sucky people…but it's ok when it's just a temporary thing. I always say the same thing – you're not there to make friends. But what a blessing it is when you do make friends.

    Your friends sound so great and wonderful. There is nothing like female friendships in my opinion. You described it well – those never ending stories and inside jokes.

    What do you do as your full time job? I think I already know it but my memory is coming up short right now.

  3. I'm thankful you have wonderful friends in your co-workers…We all need strong female friendships…They are really important….Lovely post..

  4. awww this is so sweet! I like my colleagues but outside of working events I don't hang out with them..its enough seeing them for 8 sometimes 10/11 hours that I see them, even though they are cool people!

  5. how sweet!

    I don't have much luck with my colleagues as competition is no joke and i don't want them to know my business so that they can use it against me.

    plus i see their asses (lol..sorry for the language) everyday, in my classes, in department functions and some even added me on facebook….aargh

  6. It nice to have postive friends/energy around you. And it only takes maturity in God to focus on the good things in one's life rather than always complain about the struggles.

    Have a lovely weekend. And as usual- i've enjoyed ur post.

  7. OMG! I know what you mean. My co-workers have become my best friends. Work goes by in a flash and everyone is on the same page. I hope when I enter the work place after school it will be just as awesome.Kudos to all those who show love to their co-workers!


  8. I'm so glad you have such great coworkers and women you can share with!

    YOU NEED TO GET EXERCISING LADY! I shall nag you till i can't do it anymore! lol

  9. â–ºolufunke

    Yes; the fact that we spend so much time at work is what makes it important to be at least on good terms with your colleagues, even if you aren't friends.

    Thank you.

    And I hope you have received your share by now! I sent it days ago!


    You're right about female friendships and their importance. And yes, when you do make friends at work, it's an unexpected blessing.

    My full time job is hard to explain, but the short answer I give is it's scientific writing.


    Thank you.


    It is really nice! But I have to make sure I don't get caught up in socializing at work and focus sometimes. I guess that would be the only disadvantage.


    Thank you for your comments. It's true talk.


    I know what you mean. It's nice to have some diversity in your friendships. I know some people whose colleagues become their only friends. That would be strange to me.

    â–ºdisguised feelings

    I'm glad you have friends you're thankful for. And yup, shona has a point, but it depends on the relationship you have with your colleague, for sure.


    I'm glad! Have a good week.


    Ah, I have a very different work environment from what you describe. I can completely understand how it would be hard to develop friendships in some work environments due to competition.

    lol at being added on facebook!


    I'll drink to that!


    Thank you. I try to focus on the good but I do spend many moments whining so I'm very much a work in progress.


    With your personality, I suspect you will have friends everywhere you go! :)

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Thank you for thanking God for me!


    lol I look forward to the nagging :)

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