Thankful for female friendships

How is it Thursday already?

By the middle of the week I knew what the theme of this week’s Thankful Thursday would be: my wonderful female friends. Here are three scenarios to illustrate this.

I had a couch/sofa to give away and in the online ad I posted I indicated it was free to anyone willing to come and remove it from my house. Since I posted the ad online, I was wary of inviting a stranger to my house (I live alone). I decided I would call my friend Ves to come over and hang out with me once I knew when the person who wanted the couch was coming. I saw Ves later that day and mentioned that I had received some interest in the couch and before I asked, she offered to come over and stay in the house with me while the person was in my house. I was so touched! The next day she came over with my favourite latté and a sweet treat (nice eh?) and we spent a couple of hours indulging in girl talk and relaxing. I had such a good time and appreciate Ves being there for me.

A couple of days later my friend Sheri called me. I feel bad because she’s always calling me, and I’m always apologizing for not calling her. Instead of being resentful or refusing to call me, she calls and ends up being a shoulder to cry on. She’s a good listener and makes me face tough situations head-on. It’s not always comfortable but I appreciate it and I feel quite blessed to know her.

Last night I said something hurtful to a friend. I didn’t mean for it to be taken the way it was taken but I can understand why it was taken that way. I apologized right away but I’m learning that just because you say sorry doesn’t mean the other person has to accept your apology and move on right that instant. Some people need a few minutes, hours or days. I felt horrid sha, and needed someone to talk to, and thank goodness Dee was online. She listened to the whole dilemma, reassured me and encouraged me to think positively about the situation, which was exactly what I needed to hear.

So there you have it: three women whose gift of friendship I value very much.

And one last thing: I’m also thankful for my mom who took time out of her day off to go to my house and supervise the delivery and installation of my new couch and loveseat. And then she went back home, cooked a yummy dinner and twisted my arm to join the family for dinner. (Ok, maybe she didn’t have to force me.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

24 thoughts on “Thankful for female friendships

  1. I run into females sometimes who say "most of my friends are guys, I don't get along with females because they are catty"…and I just stare at them pityingly, because good friends whether male or female are such a blessing.

  2. awww u gave a couch out? way to go jor,
    and girlfriends rock, they sure do, i miss mine so much

    • I did o…I got the couch used (it was third or fourth hand when I got it) and it was time to upgrade a bit :)

      Eh ya…I hope you'll find some new girlfriends soon (and I hope you can keep in contact with your girlfriends in Naija!).

  3. You have such wonderful friends. I thought you didn't have anything to eat yesterday night. I am suspecting you lol.

    • I'm truly blessed my dear…you have no idea! It was on Wednesday that my mom was in my house. I should have brought some food home from their house! :(

  4. how nice…thk God for special friends…I hope your other friend forgives you and forgets the hurt soon…now I want me some mama's cooking.

    • Awww, thanks for commenting on that particular matter. My friend has graciously forgiven me and we seem to be even closer than we were before, which I'm thankful for!

      Have a great week!

  5. Very nice. Your friends rock.

    I always say when you have female friends/and good friends in general, it's best we hold on to them and appreciate them.

    Your mum is awesome. Haha @ her "twisting your am for dinner".

    Enjoy your new coach and love seat….

    • Thanks for your comment, Shadenonconformist! Trust me…I I'm enjoying my couch a lot I have to admit: I've fallen asleep on it…it's so comfy!

  6. There's nothing like having good, true friends you can be confident in… I have a couple and I'm grateful for them too!

    Hope you enjoy your new couch….and hugs to your mom, don't we just love them!!!!

    • I'm glad you've got friends to rely on too, fairygodsister!

      Awww, you're so sweet! Our moms really are too awesome. I'm enjoying this couch tons…sitting on it now!

  7. You are an amazing friend! You are open, funny and just have such a sweetness about you. People can't help but love you. You are a Super independent role model woman even though you do sell yourself short sometimes, but you rock girl!

  8. LOl at your mum 'twisting' your arm to get you there. Sure.. haha
    I posted about girlfriends too… We need them. And congrats on your new furniture.


  9. Thanks for the congrats! lol..I guess maybe she didn't have to convince me to stop by for dinner ;)

    I read your entry and loved it…long live girlyfriends!

  10. It's a good thing you have such friends,you are indeed privileged.Meanwhile,i gave you an award on my blog.

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