Thankful for health, fitness and mom

Why am I thankful this week?

  1. I had my annual physical exam two weeks ago. I had mentioned that I was going to ask my doctor to order a blood test to determine my genotype, and I was also going to check my blood type. Tests for my blood sugar, cholesterol level and thyroid functioning were also done. I got my results two days ago and everything’s fine. My levels of good cholesterol even went up! I’m so thankful, because I have a bad habit of worrying for weeks about the results of my blood test. It’s such a waste of time to worry, but I can’t seem to help it! These past two weeks I prayed, reminded myself that worrying doesn’t change a thing, and told myself that God would not give me more than I can deal with. There’s another test that we’re waiting for the results of but I am believing that all will be well.

    The result of the genotype test came back negative and I asked my doctor to confirm the meaning of a negative result (she doesn’t often order this particular test for her patients): did it mean I do not have the disease (which I already knew) or that I don’t have the trait? She said she thinks it means I’m AA, but just to be sure she gave me the number of the blood test company. I called and they said a negative result means that I don’t have the trait or the disease, which is great news! I’m really very thankful for this…I prayed for this result.

  2. I started exercising last week and I’m using a dvd every other night at home. I tweeted about it once or twice:



    It’s hard and I can tell it’s going to be a very long road to the body of my dreams but I’m committed. When I’m not huffing and puffing I remember to be thankful that physical exercise is an option for me. Imagine people whose physical limitations prevent them from standing, talk less running, lifting weights or bending. I am thankful that I have all my limbs, even if that means I have no excuse for not working out regularly.

  3. I’m thankful that I was able to spend some quality time with my mom two days ago. She shared some stories from her youth that I hadn’t heard before. I’m a big baby but I’m always emotional when I’m around my parents. I just think about their lives, what they have gone through and what they still deal with and I’m so inspired. I hope to make them prouder of me than they ever dreamed possible! While we’re on the topic of my mom, could you please say a prayer for healing in her right hand if you’re the praying type? She’s in a lot of pain and is having difficulty using the hand.

What are you thankful for?

17 thoughts on “Thankful for health, fitness and mom

  1. Thankful with you dear.

    I try not to complain too much whenever I have to do some physically strenuous activity 'cause some people don't even have the option of 'doing' anything because of some handicap or physical limitation.

  2. Thank God for good health. Its good to know ur genotype cos it can influence alot of decisions.

    I love my mom too. I'll pray for her. She is gonna be aight!

  3. thinking of doing a genotype test also

    to confirm and be sure exactly what it is

    a lot of peoples genotype are not what they think it is.

    am so grateful dat God is giving you reasons to be thankful

    thanks for all d help

  4. I will definitely say a prayer for your mommy! Glad you're doing well. Happy Friday.

  5. Great post! Will say a prayer for your mom!

    I'm thankful for health- even though I take it for granted!

    I'm thankful for family!

    I'm thankful to God for allowing me to pass my candidacy exams!!

    Overall, I'm just thankful for life :-)!

  6. I am glad all your tests went well. I need a physical myself. I will remember your mom in my prayers.

  7. Great post! I know how you feel about the physical excersize b/c I feel the same way but thank God for our health. You never know how precious it is until your body becomes sick. Just over here finally catching up!!!

  8. I will say a preayer for your Mom, no one should be in that much pain :-(

  9. Babes it is well with your mum…said a prayer for her and will keep saying a prayer every time I remember till you testify!

  10. Hye GNG, thanks for the kind birthday greetings! Glad all your test results were good! You go girl, keep up with the exercise and you'll see results (I need to carry on with my fitness, I've become quite lazy, lol)

    I'll pray for your mum, hope she's feeling better.

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