Thankful for inspirational music

Last weekend I went to the annual event to celebrate the life of a young Nigerian, the son of our family friend, who lost his life trying to break up a fight. I can’t believe it’s been eight years since we received that terrible news.

A local Christian hip hop/R n B group called Prosper and GPM performed at the event last year and I loved their music enough to buy their cd. During the Black History Month activities that took place this February, I got to hear one of their new singles live. They performed the new single (It’s not over) again this past weekend and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I hope you’ll find it encouraging too. They dedicated the song to the Haiti earthquake victims so the accompanying images might be hard to watch.

There are two particular areas of my life I can think of right now where I’m tempted to stop trying to get where I want to be or get what I want because of the difficulty involved. I know that challenges are a part of life and I’m no stranger to them but I get tired of the struggle sometimes, and how slow things progress. The song’s chorus was just the reminder I needed:

It’s not over
I’m holding on ’til the end
If I stumble
I’ll rise again and again
It’s not over
I’m holding on ’til the end

For the past week Yinka Ayefele has been crooning to me (on YouTube). I can’t get one of his older albums, New Dawn, out of my head.

The part that has me completely hooked is from 7:04 onwards. I have to get up and dance as soon as I hear it. Needless to say, surviving a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down is reason enough for Ayefele to be discouraged and down about his life. No doubt he feels that way at times but I’m encouraged by how’s he’s been able to turn a Bitter Experience to a Sweet Experience (titles of previous albums).

What music do you turn to when you’re in need of encouragement or inspiration?

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  1. GNG thank you for these music video's I found myself dancing to the second one, I have alot to be thankful for and its my birthday today! Yay!

    The first video/song had me getting emotional.

    I don't have any particular song/artist that I turn to whenever I'm in need of encouragement or inspiration but it will normally be any music reminding me of the Great God I serve.

  2. I forgot to include that you shouldn't give up. Unfortunately this is the life we've all been assigned to, no one is exempt from trials, tribulations, pain and struggles and God is not a powerless, limited God who has lost control. Instead though it wasn't in His original agenda when He created the world, He does permit challenges and struggles to build our characters and strengthen us, so be encouraged and continue to press on. Like a woman in labour, its hard, its painful, she wants to quit, probably feels as though shes about to die but she keeps pushing despite the pain, despite how exhusted she is and then behold, shes given birth and holding her beautiful baby in her arms.

    Be Blessed!

  3. YAY for Propser and GPM!!! They go to my church!!!!1 WOOHOO!!! I love inspirational music a lot. Music chnages my mood in seconds and can even let people know exactly how I am feeling. I am thankful for music as well. G.O.O.D. Music!

    p.s The story behind why Melissa wrote this strong is SO touching..

  4. When I'm down, songs that remind me of God's faithfulness always do the trick. Songs that remind me of His power help me focus on His greatness, and compared to the size of any problem I have, He's WAY bigger. A few that come to mind are:

    1. God Dey by Eben c
    2. Big Enough by Ayiesha Woods

    I also love "Love Like This" from her.

    And when I really want to just cry and tell God all my problems, Sonnie Badu's "Baba" is just the song I put on.

    Mr. Badu is actually quite anointed. His rendition of "You Are the Pillar that Holds My Life" is one I play over and over when I need to remember who is in charge of my life.

    . "Invincible God" is another awesome one from him. I think you'll like the Yoruba that kicks in at about the one minute mark.


    Praise and worship brings you closer to the one who can solve your problems, fill your needs, and satisfy your desires. To me, there's no better music to listen to when I'm down. God loves to be praised. He blesses those who praise Him in a special way.

  5. Go girl!

    Keep dancing! Keep the groove on

    A thankful and merry heart is a good medicine for the soul

    and Dear please do not give up, I should remind you…….its your life , how dare you stop having faith in it!'

  6. Thanks good naija girl for reminding others of Haiti, i didnt forget. That is one of the reasons why i wanna be a CRNA because after a while people forget about places like that, but i didnt forget. And when i graduate, GOD will make me available to any disaster in the world, i will never hesitate to lend a helping hand because this is what i was chosen to do.

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