Thankful for our troops

As an immigrant in a new country, you have to get used to new holidays that you didn’t celebrate in your home country. Depending on your level of assimilation with the new culture, I guess you may or may not really be impacted by what the holidays stand for.

I’m not sure why but this year, I was especially touched by Remembrance Day in Canada (Veterans Day in the USA) that is celebrated on November 11 of every year to remember the troops that died in various wars over the past 80 or so years. Canada has been participating in the current war for a while so it’s not like this is the first Remembrance Day where our troops are at war, but this one hit me more strongly than usual.

Maybe it’s because I read the local and national news a bit more diligently, and not a day goes by without mention of more troops who have lost their lives for the freedom of others. Maybe it’s seeing the families of the dead on television during repatriation ceremonies, sobbing: new widows or widowers, parents who have lost their children, young children who have lost a parent. Maybe it’s thinking of what I would say or do if one of my brothers (or in the future, one of my children), decided that (s)he wanted to join the Canadian army. It’s a noble calling, but I don’t know if I’d be able to bear it! Or maybe it was going to the fallen soldier’s memorial during my lunch break, and standing solemnly with others who were there to pay their respects, and seeing veterans of past wars in uniform, medals shining. Whatever it was, I was touched this year.

So this Thursday, I am thankful for the men and women who fought for Canada’s freedom so that families like mine could move here and call this place home. I’m thankful for the opportunities that this country has provided, the potential there is to follow your dreams without any real fear. I’m thankful for the men and women who continue to fight and for the ones who have gone, may their deaths never be in vain. They must not be forgotten so I hope I’m always impacted this strongly on Remembrance Day.

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  1. "I am thankful for the men and women who fought for Canada’s freedom so that families like mine could move here and call this place home…"

    Those words made me realize that some decades ago, it was not so and we did not have as much freedom and access as we do now.

    You really know how to be thankful for little things.

    Stay blessed.

  2. Forreall though, people don't give Canada the respect it deserves..

    it really is a truly peaceful nation, and it's always sends peace keepers to troubled spots in the world..

  3. Thank God for the lives of those brave men who gave up their lives for Canada, and thank God for the families they left behind

    This is really emotional, for some days I saw US army drama series , THE UNIT, it really made me imagine and fully appreciate the sacrifices that armed forces personel ( and thier families) make just for the general good of the world.

    It's really worth one commending them.

    Nice one GNG

  4. it is indeed very sad because people are dying and leaving loved one behind :( am so thankful but at the same time I wish the war would end!

  5. Thanks, Joomy. My brother and his wife recently lost a very good friend in Afghanistan and this Remembrance day was the first since his passing. I always appreciate a post regarding our troops.

  6. I am always thankful for all servicemen and women, including those in law enforcement and emergency services. It is not easy being the one who rushes in when everyone else is rushing out.

  7. I don't know that Americans "look down" at Canadians as much as they don't see us for who and what we are, but rather as the nice neighbours that they chat with occasionally. They are actually genuinely surprised when we say no to them for, well, pretty much anything. Having lived in the USA for the past 3 years, they like us, but they don't really view us as competition in a country that craves power and is driven by fear, we don't register because we aren't a threat.

  8. Oh, and I appreciate the fact that there are people who are willing to put their lives on the line to make other's lives better in the long run. I do my work at home doing the paperwork of the people who get pushed out of the warzones.

  9. War is something I can never really make sense of but it's the reality of our day.

    I join you to hail the men who have sacrificed so much so that some of us can live in peace.

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