Thankful for protection

I decided to sleep over at my parents’ place last night and I had to drive over. It was a snow storm outside: cars were sliding all over the place and as I was driving to my parents’ place I saw a car that had hit a pole and another car. No one seemed to be seriously injured, thank God.

Since I got my full driver’s license a few years ago, Canada’s winters have really been a great challenge of my driving skills. I have driven in really bad weather, I’ve had to control a car while it’s skidding and sliding all over the place and I have learned to not over-rotate the steering wheel when trying to control the car because the result ends up being worse than the original skid.

As I drove last night, I became a little scared at the way the car was sliding around, so I started singing “I’m not driving this car; God is driving this car”. I often do that when I’m not feeling confident: I’ll sing a song to myself. It was exactly what I needed to force me to focus on the task at hand and not on anything else. Even though some of the cars behind me were probably wondering why I was driving so slowly, I only have one life and skidding into a ditch was not a part of my plan.

I arrived safely at my parents’ place and said a quick thanks to God.


Other things that I am thankful for this past week:

  • the success of the Nigeria Day aspect of Black History Month that was held in this city. I’ll blog more about it later but it was nice to see some non-Nigerians waiting to enter in order to share out culture with us.
  • the continued health of my family in general. God is good!
  • the fact that I continue to pay down my mortgage and other household bills without too much pain (my bank account might disagree!)
  • that I’ll be seeing some female friends that I haven’t seen in a little while tomorrow. They’ll be coming to my place so I need to get that house clean.

May you be overflowing with thanks this weekend.

12 thoughts on “Thankful for protection

  1. The driving slow thing happened to me two weeks ago, and I told myself that I will not speed on the ice because someone behind me was speeding. My safety was more important.

    Nice to know the non-Nigerians care.

  2. Nice blog, it goes out to let us know that we should be grateful for all God has done and is doing for us all. Anyway the Lord will continues to do more in your life…always. Have a splendid weekend yourself.

  3. Glad you made it safely! LOL I didn't even know that they had a Nigeria Day as part of BHM here.

  4. Praise God for protection indeed. It was just this past Monday that the Nigerian community in Michigan was saddened by the lost of a mother of three in a car accident. The snow was just so much that day…..I thank God too for keeping me.

    And that's totally awesome that your city has Nigeria Day. I hope you took pictures cause I wanna see!!!!

  5. Thank God o.

    I have a few close calls like those. Just imagine how many times God has protected us- even the times that we are unaware of!

  6. â–ºNBB

    Do you know I had never listened to that whole song before? I listened to it though after I read your comment last week!


    I'm with you…safety is key.

    Yes, it's great that non-Nigerians are interested in learning more about our culture but we have a lot to do if we expect them to come back next year.

    â–ºAnoda Phase

    Thanks dear…I appreciate it!


    Amen to your words…thank you: the weekend was lovely actually…hope yours was too.


    There sure was…they could improve the publicity a bit more I think, though.


    :) Thanks sweets.


    Thanks a bunch! :)

    â–ºNaija American Girl

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear of this loss to the Michigan Nigerian community.

    I did take pics and I'll share them with the entry for sure.




    It's so true! It reminds me of an old Amy Grant song that has the lines God only knows the times our lives were threatened just today/A wreckless car ran out of gas before it ran my way. I am so thankful for the way he spares my life.


    Definitely agreed! I appreciate your thanking God with me.

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