Thankful for the gift of life

Today I’d just like to thank God for life. So many times on this blog, I rant about (and will rant about, let me be honest) being single and fat, and basically feel sorry for myself.

Then a situation happens that just smacks you in the face in that “Are you seriously complaining about that?” way that wakes you up from your pity party and causes you to beg God to make things better. You know, those situations where you promise anything at all, if He could just make things less scary. And He does.

I had one of those situations yesterday. Even though I live with my family, I had not spoken to one of my brothers for about three weeks. We had a serious fight, one that I made efforts to put behind us, but he’s prideful and was not willing to listen, and told me to get out of his face (among other things), so I did. This is the longest that I’ve not spoken to a family member and I do not like it at all. (No need to give me advice, sha, I’m working on it.)

Anyways, he called me yesterday, before lunch. For an instant I thought he was calling to apologize, but my more realistic side asked him if something was wrong, because I knew he wouldn’t break his vow of silence to me out of a simple change of heart, not at this point. He gave me some news that had me running for a taxi within five minutes and in a panicked state, the state during which I prayed and begged and asked God to be merciful and guess what? He was, and mere words cannot express my gratitude and thankfulness for the way that day ended.

(This leads to a very quick rant that I have been making for years and years: how can we justify athletes, musical artists and other celebrities receiving those astronomical paycheques, while our doctors, charged as they are with helping humans live healthy lives, are paid so much less? Why aren’t our priorities on life?)

Not even an hour and a half after we arrived back at home, hours after my mad dash, we got news that a family friend had lost her husband, just like that. He had been sick, but he was in the hospital and I don’t believe this was expected. The family has been through a lot in the past eight months, so I know they’d appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts. Their last name is St. Hill.

If there is anything that puts things in perspective for me, it’s being confronted with the possibility of loss of life, especially that of a loved one. It’s amazing that we face this everyday: we never know if we’ll make it home each evening; it’s the grace of God that makes it so, yet we spend our days getting worked up over things that don’t even matter in the long run, or things that matter but aren’t worth our extreme reactions to them.

Life is truly a gift. I hope you appreciate it.

16 thoughts on “Thankful for the gift of life

  1. Stuff like this makes me question if i've got my priorities in the right place sometimes. I rant about being passed up for a promotion, or narrowly missing a distinction, or something as "non-essential" as that, when the very fact that I'm still alive is a testament that God's still got his eye on my affairs…

    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Well spoken dear. I lost my dad a while ago and even though it's been several years, I still cry at night some times. I can imagine what the St. Hills' are going through and I'll say a prayer of comfort for them.

    Life truly is precious. I try to remember this always and be grateful.

  3. We often forget that the mere fact that we're alive is our gift each day to appreciate what we have. Every day is another chance to improve ourselves. The gift of life is endless.

  4. â–ºDanny Bagucci

    That's a great summary of my main point. Thanks for understanding!


    That's a great resolution you have in mind! I'm going to try to complain less too, and look at the preciousness of life as a gift I have been blessed to receive every day!

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    I'm thankful for your life too! And it is so easy to get carried away and take life for granted as a result.


    Awww, I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for saying a prayer for the family…they will appreciate it.


    Amen! Very thankful that you haven't lost a loved one. May it stay this way for a long while.

    â–ºSex kitten

    I like your "Every day is another chance to improve ourselves". So true!

  5. Life is too short to be hating or quarrelling, I thank God for my lovely life. Thanks for making me remember the good i have and not worry about what i am not or what i don't have

  6. AMEN!! life is a gift. We don't necessarily want what we get but its FREE, so we might as well enjoy it!

    Wishing you love.. love.. and lots of it!!!!

  7. wow

    such is life

    so short, yet we come across alot!

    May they family find a way to get through

    so hard loosing some one you love so much

    : (

  8. Life is so valuable but we take it for granted too often.It usually takes a tragic event to get us to slow down and take stock of the important things.My brother is my onlyimmediate family member in the US and i make it a point to call him at least 5 times a week…..even though he only calls when he needs money!

  9. Deep sigh

    I rant, complain and pity myself about a lot of things, while I am clearly not remembering the many great things God has done, my loved ones He is keeps everyday ,and that I am alive!

    We take a lot for granted

    Thank God with you that the issue with your family ended well.

    Thanks for sharing this, and would remember to pray for the St Hills.

  10. I am sorry for the loss….there's nothing that jogs you back to reality like knowing someone who has passed

    as for your brother….i am sure its sibling rivalry….in the near future, it will become something the both of you will use to laugh and make jokes….talking from what happens among my siblings

  11. Amen and well said. Sometimes we worry to much about the small things…life is so precious and you can't take any day for granted.

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