Thankful for the privilege of getting older

Do you think when I was picking what day to do my thankful posts, I ended up picking Thursday for a reason? I ask because today is my 30th birthday and if that isn’t a reason to be thankful for my life, I don’t know that is.


To me, a 30th birthday has always been significant because you can no longer pretend you’re young. Even if your face is as fresh as that of a 20 year old, say your age and people will automatically expect certain things of you. If you’re 30 years of age and are out of school and are not established in a career, you will not be afforded the same excuses that a person five years younger than you may be afforded. If you still live at home at age 30, especially if you’re established in a career and are not busy supporting your family, there’s something sort of strange about that. This, of course might be more due to the way society views certain milestones but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Thirty years of age is a huge accomplishment. Nearly a third of my life is over (remember, I plan to live to be a 100, God willing) and guess what? I am so thankful that I am alive to reach this milestone. So many die before reaching 30, and like my mom was telling me this morning, not only did I reach the milestone, I reached it in good health. Some are sick from birth and cannot say they’ve celebrated a single birthday without pain. I thank God that I can say that confidently and truthfully, and I pray that my health continues to be preserved. It is the greatest gift I’ve received since receiving the gift of life and although I have been very cavalier about it, I want to change that. I want to honour this body that I have been given, and use it to the best of its ability, adorn it to the best of my ability and care for it the best way I know how. That will be my goal for the next 30 years. :)

Today has been beautiful so far. I am very emotional today: tears have spilled a few times. My heart is full because I really feel lucky to be alive. It’s around noon here and I have received a phone call from both parents, both of them sang happy birthday to me. I cried when my mom sang to me because I was thinking of how she would have sang to me in person if I still lived at home: she would have come to my bedroom, woken me with the singing and then jumped all over me. Growing up is something else o! But even so, I can’t cry because I was able to accomplish one of my personal goals and purchase a home before the age of 30. I am blessed.

A woman whose life I think I was brought into for a reason also called me and sang happy birthday to me. My sister, so thrifty that she doesn’t send text messages because you are charged for them, sent me a text message, not because she couldn’t call (it’s free to call), but because I tease her all the time about her thrifty ways. My baby brother also sent me a sweet text message.

And friends have been leaving facebook messages and sending cute emails, which are so nice and appreciated. Blogville members who knew it was my birthday have been sweet too: aloted called and hers were the very first birthday wishes I received (she sounds too adorable for words!), archiwiz sent me a lovely text, Funke has been doing a countdown with me and showered me in good wishes, and sweet Writefreak, whose birthday was yesterday sent me her wishes too (let me expose her age here if she hasn’t already: she’s a year less a day younger than I am!). I am feeling the love, and I really appreciate it.

This year will be magical, even if I have to buy some glitter and sprinkle it on everything I do. Anyways, even if I don’t, I know God will work his magic in my life. I feel like this is the year (lol or maybe it’s the 30 in me talking).

Have a beautiful day everyone; I know I will!

47 thoughts on “Thankful for the privilege of getting older

  1. and that in itself is a birthday gift!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    may all your heart's wishes come true! have fun today, tons of fun….and dont forget to send my birthday cake and goody bag!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! God will grant you many more great ones. I trust you will make it a great year. Enjoy your 30's…

  3. Happy 30th Birthday! When I was reading your post I kept on thinking; wow, this is her first birthday away from home. It's such a big milestone and I am happy for you and all you have accomplished. May God grant you all your heart's desires according to his will.

  4. Bumight is 1st again??? Come Bumight, respect yourself oooo!

    Sweetie, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a fantabulous day!!! Buying a house @ any age is a beautiful thing. Buying a house before the age of 30 is a blessing from God. Congrats.

    Congrats on being 30. Like you said, not everyone gets to celebrate today, but you have, so for that, we are all very, very thankful.

    Growing up really does suck sometimes. Who said it's such a bad idea to remain young and naive forever?

  5. yes! i was first!!! i called 00:00 on da dot..yes let me blow my own trumpet…

    happy birthday once again…and i sincerely met that prayer i said on the phone…God bless u girl!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday GNG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May everything that GOd has scheduled for you be yours this year!!!!


  7. Happy birthday!

    Life has just begun….

    so live for those moments that take ur breath away!

    May the Good Lord give you more hearty filled years to come…

  8. How sweet is it to know that the day i actually decided to be back from my hiatus happens to be a special one's birthday..Wish you the best of everythin as you cross this Big Ladder to success,fame and fulfillment…

    Enjoy your day……

  9. Happy birthday!!!! I love the way you embraced your age with such pride. You hardly see people do that these days. I pray that all your dreams come true.

  10. Happy birthday GNG. Thank God for your life, I wish you continued success and his wonderful favor in everything that you do.

  11. Happy 30th years on earth girl!, many more glorious fulfilling years to come.

    This indeed is the year where all your dreams come true…

  12. I feel soooo pained that I missed this post yesterday!

    Nevertheless,it is not too late to say happy birthday to one of the bestest gals on blogville.

    Though I haven't met you physically but your blog oozes kindness…May the remaining years of your life be sweeter than the last 30yrs…amen and a resounding amen to that!!!

  13. woah! happy birthday girl, may u spend ur days in pleasure and ur years in prosperity.

    So where is the party at?…lol!

  14. Yay! You finally get to hit the big three-oh! Welcome to club and welcome to the rest of your life which is so much more better than the last 29 years have been.

    True, I believe with you that God will work his Magic into your life. This is truly THE year.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Although I am a day late

    30 Gbosas for you!!!!!!

    You have achieved a whole lot…My goodness…you bought a house already…congratulations

    May you find joy and fullfilment this year and always.

    Happy Birthday!

  16. How nice.

    Happy Birthday!

    I wish you all the best as you begin a new journey in your and success always!

    Hope you had a nice time.

  17. Happy 30th birthday. As i mentioned in my blog- 30 is a GREAT year. It is a special birth year to God.

    Have a blessed day and be ready for ur testimonies; i pray God will grant you ALL ur heart desires in this your birthday year and surprise you with things you never even expected. xxxxx

    Please check out my new post on

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!

    Hope you really had fun?

    Thankful to God on your behalf, and you are right , good health is something to be thankful for! All the money& love in this world cannot get you that.

    And yes, its your magic year…..a year of answered prayers, a more purposeful and fruitful walk with God, a GNG blog with increased flavour, ….a very full and interesting life!

    Countdown begins …………………………………

  19. Yay!!! I'm the 30th comment. :) A sign? Nahhh

    Thank God for good health, family, and peace. Hope tonight goes down in a really fun, big way.

  20. Happy 30th birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope the good lord conitnue to bless you and add more years to your life.

  21. Happy belated birthday!!!! May the good Lord grant you all your hearts desires, grant you joy…peace…and shower you with unlimited blessings…i love love love ur blog btw!

  22. Wow I missed it. Eyaaaa. Sorry. I was in a bit of a hiatus. Happy belated birthday GNG! All the best with your next 30yrs :)

  23. ahwwwww you have the same bday as my mom

    Happy Belated Bday

    You shall rejoice

    This day shall be the beginning of big & great things to come.

    Be blessed

  24. Awwww sorry I missed your birthday…I had exams and all whatnot…But happy belated birthday! I hope you had a blessed day and that God continues to guide and protect you and your loved ones always and always and always :)


  25. i kno………. i knoooow i m late`BUT i know u havent stopped celebrating :-)




    PS: cake still remain???? :-)

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