Thankful for those who blog about God

Do you find it easier to read blogs about gist, rants, gossip and other stuff going on in someone’s life than blog entries about God or growing in your faith with God? I definitely do! While the first group of blogs (which I love dearly) can be read quickly, and it’s easy to leave a comment on them, when I want to read a blog about Christianity, I have to prepare myself to really take in the words so they can minister to me (because they always do). It seems wrong to skim or rush through a Christian blog so that I can get to a blog that’s more “exciting” or get to a task I need to do, so I’m always trying to find the perfect time, so I can treat it like a meditation. And then I have to make sure I’m not reading it from an inappropriate place such as work because, well, they never said that we can’t read blogs at work, but maybe that’s a general rule that everyone abides by.

So what do I do? I keep the blog entries unread in my google reader, waiting for that time when I can read the words, meditate on them, and prepare a response, whether in prayer or as a comment. But ask Jaycee, Rita or Zoe Believer if they’ve seen a comment from me on their blogs this year and I bet they’d say “Um, I don’t think so!”

Despite this, I just want to recognize the bloggers who take the time to reach out to us with God’s word. Like those email forwards you’ve probably received that say something like “we don’t hesitate to send on a forward about sex or drugs yet we pause when it’s about Jesus”, I just want to encourage any of you who are like me who either wait until you have time to meditate on those blogs so you don’t read them in time, or you don’t read those “religious” blogs ever, make time for it. You won’t regret it.

So, thank you, Rita, Jaycee and Zoe Believer (mostly through twitter!), for your blogs. Blogville is a better place for it! And Writefreak, No Limit, 30+, Aloted and so many of you who regularly praise God in your blog entries, I thank you too. I really appreciate the ways that you have ministered to me in the past, even if you never received a comment from me saying that. I hope I will be able to leave more comments on your blogs, just so you know your work is appreciated.

Do you have a favourite read for spiritual inspiration?

19 thoughts on “Thankful for those who blog about God

  1. Awww thanks babes! Thought I was the only one that took out time to read the christian blogs properly…ahh I see we have something in common!lol

  2. Haha! GNG! I know what you mean! It's like I pause and breathe in before I read blogs about God because they really get the wheels in your head spinning sometimes… Thanks for thanking them!! =D


  3. Dear GNG

    Thanks so much for thanking God for me. I only write what I hear. I read your blog but I'm sure this is the first time I'm commenting! Lol! Love the Twitter fam!

    Sometimes I wonder why I still buy books because my life has really been enriched through Blogville and I have met both off and on blogs people I consider family now. God bless

  4. I would like to add my thanks and appreciation to these wonderful bloggers as well :-)

    The gossip is nice but the truth is real! God bless you ladies (I assume :-) xx

  5. This is lovely of you. I also don't leave comments on those blogs as often as I do on the others but I make time to read and meditate once in a while. The'll surely be blessed.

  6. I actually feel really bad because when I come across a religious blog- I promptly head for the exit buttton.

    Not because I am not religious. I always just want to skim through blogs. You cant do that with a Christian blog.

    Hmm your post has made me pause for thought..

  7. Great that you'd acknowledge the beautiful people that write about God. Well done!

  8. Absolutely true. There are some blogs I don't just bump into and read. I always take my time and allow for times I can digest the words and the be blessed. I concur with this post.

    Blessing GNG

    – LDP

  9. I'm not surprised to find Jaycee's name in that list. Go Jaycee girlfriend, my favoritest writter! Lol.

    Good one GNG. x

  10. Thank God for those blogs that I read and then go back to pray or make a decision to improve a certain part of my life, I'm thankful for those ones that just make me laugh too or inspire me to be better in career/business et al, I guess a 'full' life is it.

    and LOL @ reading from an inappropriate place such as………where did you get that idea from?

    Thank God for GNG too, I always find something to read EVERYTIME from your blog!


  11. Love the post—I am a huge fan of the christian blogs too–favs being Jaycee, aloted, writefreak and Rita–but will def look at d others, dont think i have heard of dem b4–would def check dem out!

  12. geez, am just reading this now. I like the honesty in this post…and funny enough I feel the same way. I haven't been on some of the blogs you've mentioned lately (Jaycee, Rita). Not because I don't want to but just like you I want to meditate on the words.

    And sometimes I feel so convicted by their words I run away lol.

    Oh and you are welcome. Thank u for thanking me :)

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