Thankful in August – Part II

  1. August is a busy month in our family: my dad celebrated his birthday earlier in the month and my sister celebrated her 30th birthday last week! I’m very thankful for her life and that the entire family was around to celebrate her special day together, now that my dad is living in a different city. My sister has a very unique role in the family and things just wouldn’t be the same without her. My wishes for her are many, but continued good health and a really good job are at the top of the list.
  2. My parents are also celebrating 35 years of married life this month, today (August 25) actually! They are an extraordinary couple who exemplify what marriage should look like. They have truly taken to heart the idea of being there in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, and I look forward to trying to emulate them in the future. For them I am praying for good health and that they are reunited in the same city soon.
  3. Three of my friends celebrate wedding anniversaries in August, so I’m thankful that their relationships are still going strong.
  4. I’m also thankful for traveling mercies: my sister, youngest brother, and I went to the US for some shopping last weekend (I drove my new car!) and we came back safe and sound. It was my longest road trip and I am so thankful that there were no mishaps. There was one almost-mishap: I was making a left turn and a car going in the opposite direction drove up just as I was negotiating the turn. Thankfully—as my sister was reminding me this evening—neither vehicle had to step too hard on its brakes: both cars noticed each other in time and we both stopped before I let her go by (she had the right of way). I have to admit it got my heart pounding though!
  5. Another thankful item related to the above is that we didn’t have to pay duty at the border on our way back! Whenever I’ve traveled across the border with my friends in the past, we’ve almost always had to go in to the Border Services office and pay duty or Canadian taxes on the items purchased in the US. Last November, my friends loaned me their car and I went to the US with my youngest brother and we didn’t have to pay duty on our way back. This time, same thing. I hope the third (fourth, fifth, sixtieth…) time(s) will be the charm!
  6. I have a friend who is due to deliver her first baby in a month and I’m quite excited for her!
  7. I’ve had a fairly social month and I have to admit when I can hang out with friends in a restaurant setting where I don’t have to cook, I’m always happy!

This month has been so rich with things to be thankful for and there are other things that I’ve probably forgotten to recognize. On the other side, the loss of life always makes me somber and this week I learned of two people passed away: one was one of my grandmother’s closest friends (may she rest in peace) and the other was a leader of one of the political parties in our country. I have to admit I was particularly touched by this latter passing because people who manage to show a brave and optimistic face in the light of their battle with cancer always blow me away. Rest in peace, Jack Layton. He left a letter to Canadians which touched me.

13 thoughts on “Thankful in August – Part II

  1. I join you in giving thanks.

    Jack Layton's death shook me. At his last press conference, I really believed he would come back. Ive been reading the last paragraph of his letter over and over again. He was a true statesman.

    • I was at work back in July when Layton held the press conference and my boss said to me as he was leaving work that afternoon, "How long do you think he'll live for? My guess is a few weeks" and I was shocked. I actually made an outburst and said "What are you talking about? He just needs to take time to focus on getting better" but unfortunately my boss was right. Very sad stuff.

      I agree..he was so inspiring. May he rest in peace. I didn't watch the funeral on tv though…it may not be right but I have a hard time watching those things.

  2. thank God for your life
    rocking the new car i see :D

    35years??? wow, thank God for your parents

    • I sure am rocking the car! In fact I can't stop thanking God for it!

      Yes…God is good…may we all be privileged to find true life partners like they have!

    • Welcome to the blog! Thank God for all the the great things that have happened in your life too! I was so thrilled at being waved through at the border :)

  3. I thank God for your parents. 35 years and still staying strong together., that is the goal of every married couple. I pray God to continue to keep them and give them many more years of blissful marriage….anen

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