Thankful in August – Part I

It’s a lack of time rather than a lack of things to be thankful for that has stopped me from sharing a thankful post. Check out the following and tell me if you don’t agree:

  1. Today is my incredible father’s birthday. He has faced many challenges this year so I am thankful that he has made it to another year. Please pray for him, that this new year he’s entering would be one of answered prayers with regard to his employment situation, impeccable health, and freedom from those things that cause him stress. I will always consider it my extreme honour to have been placed by God in this family as my Daddy’s daughter.
  2. My mother celebrated her birthday last month. I’ve talked about her before, and asked for prayers for her before because she faces health challenges, but I’m regularly blown away by how she always manages to keep her high energy and optimistic nature. I tear up just thinking about the pain she endures daily without letting on: she’s always thinking about others and how we’d feel knowing she’s in pain, rather than allowing herself to be the one that is cared for. My father was not able to be there for her birthday (I mentioned very briefly in May that a family member moved; it was my dad) but we managed to find a way to make my mom’s birthday special. Her gift from me was a train ticket so she could spend almost two weeks with my dad and they enjoyed that.
  3. My mom is healing from the surgery she had on her hand at the end of June. The surface is healing slowly but surely but the inside is taking longer to heal. Some dear friends have suggested physiotherapy so I’ll do my part to explore that option.
  4. I bought a car! I have had it in my possession for three days and I love it. It’s my baby right now: I’m trying to keep it from getting dented or scratched. Sometimes I laugh at myself because if I’m acting like this over a car, imagine how crazy I will be over a child of mine? The car should be completely mine in four years (maybe one day I’ll be able to pay cash for a car!) so I will have to be disciplined in my spending moving forward. The whole car purchasing process was emotional for me and I could not have done it without my family’s support. I know a big girl like me should not need to count on anyone else but guess what? I choose to.
  5. We (well, my parents) are hosting the family that have graciously allowed us to stay with them when we land in Lagos. The whole family (six people in total) are here for a few days in what I’m calling their “North American tour” and I just know we’re going to have a good time. The husband and wife are so generous with their time and money yet so down to earth. You don’t often meet people with that kind of humility, especially growing up with the blessings they have. They live in a society where showiness and flaunting of riches is en vogue so for them to be so low-key is refreshing.
  6. My dear friend Chiddy who has been reading my blogs since 2005 or so (in the days before this blog) has arrived safely in the USA. I’m so thankful that her travels went well, without any mishap.
  7. The church I have been attending for the past nine months or so has been such a blessing. I feel challenged whenever I walk out of the doors of the church, after a sermon. The music speaks to my soul; like my mom said you can’t help but reflect on the words you’re singing and often tears will stream down my face while singing certain songs. The sermon yesterday was about how we have a responsibility to share the good news of Jesus with others. I have always shirked my duty in this regard because I’m more afraid of what someone (a non-God-believing friend or colleague) will think of me if I tell them about my beliefs, instead of being focused on what God will think if I don’t use an opportunity presented to me to share with others. I also worry that with my many bad qualities that my life just won’t be enough of an example for them to want to be a believer too…gotta work on that.

    The pastor who preached told us that if we think this belief in God thing is so great, why wouldn’t we want to share it with others? This makes complete sense because if you found out about a place giving a great deal on something, you’d want to let others know right?

    I have to admit I like how Nigerian culture has God wrapped up in it. Even those who are going through the motions and don’t really believe in God have at least had exposure to people who believe in God, which I think makes it easier.

It is bedtime for this thankful and blessed girl.

13 thoughts on “Thankful in August – Part I

  1. I’m so happy to hear all the good news. I pray that your parents receive a special touch of God’s healing and grace. And I know I could do a little better sharing my faith in God too…

  2. wow so much to be thankful for. I join my voice with yours in giving thanks to the almisght for everything you have listed

  3. wow. your family is such a lovely one…and i pray for complete healing for your mum

    congrats on the car. which one did u get?

  4. wow…it's my daddy's birthday too! ahn ahn, high-five for 88!
    congratulations on the new car, i can imagine the way you'll be treating it like egg. enjoy it, it's your time to shine!

  5. Congratulations! It is good to give thanks to the Lord, for His goodness and mercies fail not, but are renewed every morning!

  6. There is really so much to be thankful for. Your testimony has cheered my heart, and I'll be praying that the healing on your mother is complete sooner than later.

    And congrats on the car. :)

  7. thank God for your mum's health
    and for all your testimonies
    what car did you get?
    i cant wait till ill be ale to finance mine

  8. Awesome! Congratulations on all fronts! and we bless God for His many blessings. Its wonderful to be able to list so many (to remember to list so many) cos He has done so many things for us. Congratulations also to your dad!

  9. Thank God ur Mum's surgery went well and she's healing… God will perfect the healing in Jesus' name.
    Congrats on your car. I can only imagine how you're feeling. Currently on the look out to buy me too one soon. I know God will provide and will help me find a good one too.
    Church… oh, I love it when a church is sound and the music is good. I know that feeling… U will always look forward to church and not only that, you will also always have an expectation from God anytime you want to go to church… Have a great weekend.

    – LDP

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