Thankful in June

I have much to be thankful for:

I added another year to my life a week and a half ago and I’m very thankful for the honour of continuing to live on this earth. The older I get, the more time I spend reflecting on my life and when I think about my age (thirty-two; yikes!) and what I thought I would have accomplished by now, I’m disappointed with myself but as long as I’m alive I’ve got hope! My wish for this year is to finally get a car.

Restored friendships
I meant to follow up on this sooner. Remember the situation I had with a friend regarding awkwardness related to a guy who liked my sister? Soon after I posted the entry my friend contacted me and after exchanging a few emails (very useful for collecting one’s thoughts and understanding each other’s point of view) and speaking on the phone several times, things are good. We both had to work hard to get full reconciliation and I’m glad that we were able to sort things out. These sorts of things can ruin friendships for life so my relief that it did not happen in this case is huge. I’m thankful that we both valued our friendship more than being right.

One of my closest friends has supported me by donating her time to helping with the Nigerian Blog Awards and I am so thankful for that. It’s a shame that you can’t see what she’s doing behind the scenes but her computer skills have been invaluable over the last couple of months. The best part is she keeps saying “Next year we’ll do this…”, meaning she hasn’t found me too demanding and that she’s enjoying what she’s doing. And she loves me :).

I was trying to debug something related to the awards a few days ago and I was getting frustrated. When I get frustrated, I cry (even at the age of 32). My mom was upstairs but she could sense my frustration so she came down to where I was and just sat with me. As I talked to myself and tested things, she asked how things were going and made suggestions when I sighed over something that wasn’t working. She had no idea exactly what I was doing but just having her there, knowing she believed I’d sort things out and knowing she’d help me if she could was so special. Of course her support was all the help I needed from her.

Friends made through blogging
I cannot believe how many close friendships have developed all because of blogging. It’s been amazing to meet people that I feel as close as family to. I’m also grateful for how technology has played a role in these friendships, allowing more frequent communication and providing an easy way to keep in touch with one another. Resources that are making my communications better are Rebtel (which has best rates for calling Nigeria from North America that I’ve found: 8.4Now 6.9 cents per minute) and Nimbuzz (the app is free if you have a smart phone and you can call another Nimbuzz user for free).

The power of prayers
How many times have you prayed hard for something you didn’t know for sure would happen? And then it happens and maybe you remember to give thanks that things went as you were praying they would. But sometimes you might forget to give thanks; I know I do many times. I am grateful that my prayers still get answered. And speaking of, my mom needs your prayers again. She will be having surgery on her hand in less than twelve hours and I just pray that her surgeon will be skilled, her healing quick, and the procedure effective. Would you join me in wishing her the same? Thank you in advance (because I know you will).

What are you thankful for?

8 thoughts on “Thankful in June

  1. lol honestly I don't know what it was about reading this blogpost that just brightened me up.
    I was feeling depressed about something till I read what your mom did for you.
    Sweet stuff

  2. Happy Belated! I personally think you have done a lot with your life but I can totally relate. Just the other day when I was out with my mother I told her, during a conversation about something, “I know your must be disappointed in the way I choose the live my life.” It wasn’t a question but a statement. She barely refused the point so I know my decision to not get married and have kids have broken her heart a bit BUT at the end of the day, everyone takes a while to get to their destiny. You are working on what you want so you are on track. So many wonderful things can happen in just a short few months. I can’t wait read the rest of your journey in life.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Perhaps the problem is that we're living our lives and are too involved in doing that to realize that slowly but surely, things are getting done. It's also possible that I'm just too impatient for my own good and want everything to happen in my time and not when it's supposed to happen.

      I'm sure your mom is proud of you, no matter that the path you chose is not what she hoped you'd choose.

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