Thankful in May

The past two weeks have been hectic but I thank God all the same for the privilege of being alive to experience life’s ups and downs. It may sound cheesy but that’s who I am – cheesy and sentimental. More specifically, I am thankful:

  1. For the marriage of one of my guy friends this past weekend. I think he and his wife will both be very happy together and I am thrilled that they have entered this new chapter of their lives. This marriage means that in this group of friends (there are five of us) I am the last one to get married, and I am thanking God in advance that my turn will come soon (here’s hoping!).
  2. That my baby brother turned 23 years of age yesterday! He will always be my baby brother, even when we’re celebrating the birth of his own children. We celebrated his special day by going out for dinner and having birthday cake afterwards. It was a nice but low-key evening, and I like that we try as a family to make time to spend our special day together.
  3. That our family has drawn closer over some not-so-great things we’ve had to deal with, one that was unexpected (a theft) and one that was expected (the move of a family member). Even through the tears and frustrating times these events have brought, we’ve managed to (eventually) present a loving and united front.
  4. For the ability to say sorry. I am glad that I do not have a hard time apologizing when I do something wrong and I got this from my father, who provided such a stellar example of this quality (he will even make attempts to reach out when he is the wronged party). The problem is when I am certain that I am right, it can be hard for me to admit it and make the first move. I’m a work in progress in that regard.
  5. The kindness of friends. I have asked for help and received it so freely and willingly, and I even got an amazing amount of help without asking for it. I’m blessed.
  6. That I am so loved. I’ll stop analyzing why my friends and family decided to be so loving toward me and just bask in it and appreciate it instead. I hope you all feel loved by someone.

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9 thoughts on “Thankful in May

  1. Is there a banner we can put on our blogs to promote the awards? People need to know it's going on. You can pass the word to Linda Ikeji who has a very popular blog and she might help with promotion also. If you need me to do anything, let me know. My exams end today.

  2. Congratulations to you!

    Being grateful for the little and big things in our lives is essential.

    I think some of us underestimate the power of gratefulness and praise!God inhabits the praises of His people. Praises can and do work wonders in our lives.

    I am happy for all your achievements in saying sorry! Say happy birthday to your baby brother! wishing your friend a happy married life.


    • You're absolutely right about the power of being grateful. Our family is learning daily that we have to thank God for those gifts that we could easily take for granted like life. I have been so cranky this weekend but I am now able to re reflect on the good in our life.

      Thanks for sharing in my happiness over the above points.

  3. happy new month my dearie and your turn for marriage shall come soon!

    Yay, blog awards are here.

  4. Hmm.
    Come to think of it, there are a whole lot to be thankful for.
    And to think that I complain as much!
    P.S. I am impressed by your site. It has developed a whole lot!

  5. It takes the heart of gratitude to be thankful. Thanking God for your life and the lives of other people is benevolent.


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