Thankful: January 2017

So far, 2017 has been that overachieving friend who manages to fit 36 hours worth of things into a 24-hour period, while looking healthy and well-rested, making you look and feel like an underachieving lazybones. I’m trying not to hate on this fresh new year but it may soon need to be a prayer point. Before I forget myself, let me start by giving thanks on this Thankful Thursday that the first month of 2017 is almost behind us and I’m still here! You’re still here! Yes! Praise God.

  1. This may sound a little geeky but I’ve been waiting to share this thankful point since January 2016, a whole year ago: in 2016 I didn’t have to pay one penny of library fines—woop woop! I almost accomplished this in 2015 but I slipped up so I was very much on the alert when it came to keeping those due dates top-of-mind last year and thank God I persevered. If I would switch from borrowing physical books to e-books I could eliminate the task of keeping up with library book due dates, but our local libraries don’t yet have allllll the books I want in e-book format. There’s nothing worse than paying overdue charges for books you didn’t get around to reading and that has happened to me many a time in the past.
  2. I am so thankful that my mom is willing to help me with my hair—she helps me do some lovely cornrows every other week while I give the front edges of my hair a break from long braids. If it wasn’t for my mom my hair would look presentable exactly 0% of the time, but thanks to her I look decent about half the time (due to those baby hairs that start looking rough by week 2!).
  3. Everyone needs a work bestie and I’m thankful for mine: I trust her to keep my secrets and to also calm me down when I’m outraged over unfairness (a regular occurrence, sadly) and I come through for her too. She’s one of my favourite people to discuss side hustles with because none of my other local friends are really interested in the topic, and she also kicks my butt when I’m procrastinating (aka all the time). I can’t wait for both of us to go from side hustlers to full-time hustlers.
  4. Thank God that my sweet niece celebrated three months of life this month! I’m so in love with that girl; I feel like she actually understands what I’m saying and once she can talk she’ll be like “Auntie, I totally understood what you were saying back in December 2016/January 2017” and I’ll be like “I knew you did—you’re so smart!” and then she’ll give me the sagest advice ever on the current issue. She’s so vocal already; she loves mimicking the sounds that we make to her. What a blessing to have two beautiful kids (my niece and her big brother) to love on.
  5. This month also marked the one-year anniversary of my brother-in-law joining us in Canada! I’m thankful that he’s been healthy and safe the whole time that he’s been here, he’s adapting to the way of life here, he’s entered the workforce, and he’s taking care of his family. I’m excited to see what God will do in his life and that of his family; I know there will many more thankful points to come in that regard.

What are you thankful for this month?

4 thoughts on “Thankful: January 2017

    • Thank you, Tunde—I’ll let my mom know that you commended her skill.

      Those are great things to be thankful for; I’ll join you in thanking God!

  1. I join you to be thankful especially not paying library fines..ahahaha…yes, babies do understand, when I was pregnant and not felt a kick for days, I will talk to him through my mind, ‘if every thing is alright in there, can you give me a kick to make me feel ok?’ Within seconds, I felt, bam! Bam! As weird as it might sound, I told him thank you and smiled.
    I am thankful for my family and l to cross over to 2017.
    I am thankful for my birthday being Jan 2nd.
    I am thankful, for my job.

    • Thank you, Nitty: though this year they’ve already charged me 50 cents oh!

      Awww, that’s a sweet story you shared about how your sweet baby responded with a kick—thank God! And do accept my belated birthday wishes: I hope you had a good one! I thank God for your job as well. May our good God continue to bless the work of your hands.

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