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I haven’t made time to give thanks in a while and it’s not because I’m not thankful: when I wake up it’s a delight to still be alive in this world. When I make plans for the future and I’m able to accomplish them (even if it’s just an hour in advance), I’m happy. But don’t be fooled: I don’t walk around thanking God all the time (and it’s a shame I don’t!). I often let my woes (work and relationship related especially) get to me and stop me from seeing the big picture, from focusing on the good in my life.

A friend of mine pointed me to Richellephant’s blog that has a neat idea on how to keep track of things that have made you happy over the past year in a tangible way: make a Happy Jar! Richelle’s focus is on things that make her happy, while mine will be on things that I’m thankful for…kind of the same thing, really. I’ll be visiting my local dollar store (after first checking my parents’ house first) to see if I can find the perfect jar for this project. I want to take the time to decorate the jar too…I miss being crafty/creative.

Since my jar isn’t ready yet, let me share my thankful list the old fashioned way. I am thankful for:

  1. My loving mother: she gives and gives and gives without getting sick of it! That makes me sick (hehe)! It also humbles me immeasurably because if she can be so willing to cook a meal for her grown children or her friend, after working in a job that requires her to stand all day, and given her many medical concerns, how much more should I be willing to serve her or others around me? She’s the best example of a good neighbour I know of. I feel bad that I’m not as motivated as she is to serve and I’m constantly inspired by her. Her heart is so huge. When I say I’m tired, how can I really compare that to what a woman 25 years my senior is going through? I don’t know how to communicate what I’m trying to say but I always thank God for my mom.
  2. My friends. From listening to me to feeding me, they treat me so well. I hope they’re getting a good friend out of their relationship with me!
  3. Spring-like weather, though I’m told winter will be rearing its ugly head soon enough.
  4. The free resources offered by my local library. I’ve always been a fan of the library, but now it’s not just for books: last week I attended a presentation about starting a business and yesterday’s presentation was about branding and brand image. Both were very informative and got me excited about entrepreneurship. There was even a workshop about the blogging or website software WordPress, but it looked like they’d be covering pretty basic stuff so I didn’t attend. If you have access to a library in your area I’d recommend you check them out. Libraries are about a lot more than books nowadays.
  5. Family Day, the holiday we had this past Monday. I actually spent the day with my family and it was a nice day. I wish we could have Monday off every week!

I hope you have a few things to be thankful for!

16 thoughts on “Thankful jar, thankful post

  1. Love ur blog!.i was reading one of ur posts about your experience with ur cousins in naija.i just cld not help but laugh.keep this up

  2. After reading your post I felt like I should also show some gratitude to others who made my life happy for me to lead it. But I think I should be grateful to you because I would have started thanking others after reading your post. Thank you very much…

  3. Hmmm so i have a prayer box for all the things that make me angry.
    i like this idea of a Happy Jar will create one ASAP

    May His blessings continue to overwhelm you and may His mercies chase after you and catch you

  4. All i am thankful for is a God who forgives me.
    If he kept my record of wrongs, i would have long killed myself.
    Even with his forgiveness, i often think of packing it up.
    I think hell is playing tricks on me.

  5. What a nifty idea on the thankful jar. I am thankful each day for being alive and being in excellent health. I have four children and (thankfully just one) hubby, yet we are all in great health. I'm thankful for blogs like yours that are so inspiring and human. Keep it coming!

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