Thankful: July 2013

A lot has been happening in my family and with my friends, so I have plenty to be thankful for:

  1. My youngest brother got a job in the big city (5 hours away!) last month (so I should have mentioned it in June’s thankful post) and he moved to the big city earlier this month. This brother of mine is very impulsive, so he didn’t arrange for housing before he moved. I thought he would stay with his best friend of almost 20 years temporarily, but I was sad to learn that this friend didn’t offer him temporary lodging, nor did he offer to help him find a safe and affordable place to stay on a more permanent basis. I’m so thankful, however, for the Nigerian network and how Nigerian hospitality saved the day yet again: the son of a local family friend lives in the big city and even though he had never met my brother, he allowed my brother to stay with him for 12 days, and helped him find a room to rent in a decent area. I’m thankful that my brother is settling in and adjusting well to being on his own and working in his first “career” job.
  2. My mother celebrated her birthday this month, on July 10. I’m so thankful for her life, her exuberance, her loving heart, and her generosity. May she never tire (as a Yoruba expression goes).
  3. A dear blogger-turned-friend gave birth to a healthy baby boy this month! I’m so happy for her and her family.
  4. Another lovely friend gave birth to a beautiful little (5lb, 12 oz!) baby girl this month and both she and baby are doing well. I’m amazed by what the human body is created to do: my friend left the hospital with her baby girl within five hours of giving birth!
  5. I got my first blog sponsor this month! The process of finalizing the details caused a bit of anxiety, but not because of the sponsor’s representative—she was as lovely as could be. I’m excited at the thought of this being the beginning of something that I dreamed of over three years ago.

What are you thankful for? Leave it in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Thankful: July 2013

  1. I always feel thankful for being alive and healthy since i work in the hospital…I don’t take it for granted at all.

    • Oh that would be hard to see people in varying stages of health all the time, but I guess you are also there to help which is good. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed good health and hope you continue to do so, MPB. Thanks for commenting!

  2. aww it is always good to be thankful…and i love your dedication… maybe i should resume my thankful posts to keep my purpose driven blog alive.

    i join u in being thankful

    • You know what? I reorganized my blog entries last week and I had to retag over 100 thankful posts. I got to the first one and saw the reference to you having inspired me to start the thankful posts. :) It’s served me well to have a habit of thankfulness, and to actively look for things to be thankful for.

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