Thankful: July 2015

The last Thursday of every month is Thankful Thursday around here. We all have something to be thankful for, no matter what’s going on in our lives. Being alive on this beautiful earth, for example, is a gift. As usual I’ll focus on the notable things that happened this month, but I’m thankful for the small things too—God is good! On to the list!

  1. This month started off with my mom’s birthday and I’m thankful we got to celebrate another year of her life. Giving thanks to God for her life and health will never get old! She’s supportive, loving, giving, and a blessing to our family. Last year we threw a big party for her; this year was more low-key and I think it was the only time in my life that I didn’t see her on her birthday (she was out of town)!
  2. Speaking of being out of town, I’m thankful for the health and protection of my parents during their trip to the States to celebrate my mom’s birthday. From plane rides to taxis, shuttle buses, and even just walking around, God was with them. I don’t take that for granted at all, not in this world where people are being killed by trigger-happy cops.
  3. I don’t think I’ve appreciated air conditioning as much as I have this week: the weather has been over 40 degrees Celsius, making it hard to stay outside for longer than 10-15 minutes. Give me temperatures in the 20-25 degree Celsius range and I’m happy, but I know I’ll be wishing for 30-degree weather six months from now! With an air conditioned bus to work, icy-cold air conditioning at work, and central air at home, I’m thankful!
  4. Two days ago I sent my family an email with the following subject line: Phone is dead. The rest of the email read:

    Hi family,

    My phone is completely messed up. I’ll be going to the Apple store after work to see if there’s anything they can do.

    If you need to reach me by phone please call XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. XXX. Otherwise you can email me.



    I was worked up: I hadn’t dropped the phone or anything, yet my screen had suddenly shown what is commonly referred to as the “white screen of death”, and the thought of paying to replace my phone 6-12 months sooner than I’d planned made me cranky. I’m addicted to my phone so not being able to use it was frustrating #firstworldproblems. The solutions that I’d found online didn’t work, so I’d planned to take my phone to the pros after work. Before leaving work I searched again, found something I’d tried earlier without success, tried it again, and it worked! Phew—disaster averted. I’m so thankful for that!

    (Even though I didn’t want to spend money on a new phone right now, part of me was disappointed that my phone was ok because when it looked like I’d have no choice but to get a new phone, I’d started daydreaming about my new phone which would have four times the storage capacity I currently have and a much bigger screen, but it’s better this way—right? Someone reassure me!)

  5. As I mentioned last week, I joined Periscope and it’s intimidating! Live video streaming + my scruffy hair don’t go together, but that’s what you get when you watch my scopes. Check out any scope by a Black woman and you’ll see wigs, weaves, and braids that are on point, makeup and eyebrows on fleek, you know how it is. I gotta do me and I decided not to get intimidated by others who may look more posh than I do. To be honest I’m out of my comfort zone and it would be easy to stop, but I’m pushing forward and I’m thankful for the words of encouragement I’ve received so far.

    My tentative scoping schedule is daily (Monday to Friday), around 10:00pm EST (3:00am Nigeria Time) but don’t worry—if you miss a scope you can catch the replay for the next 24 hours. I’m still a “learner” as they say, but I’ll improve as I go along. Want to join the fun? Install the Periscope app on your Android phone or iPhone, search for goodnaijagirl, and let’s connect! You don’t have to go on camera if you don’t want to—you can just watch!
  6. I’m thankful for improved business clarity! I’m a wantrepreneur (I want to be an entrepreneur) and I’m inching closer to figuring out what I can offer. The best advice about finding your passion that I’ve finally taken to heart is to stop overthinking everything and just try something. Very soon I’m going to start offering editing services—if you’d like someone to edit your writing, I’m your woman and you should definitely hire me.
  7. I’m thankful for the small improvements I’ve made to declutter my home—it’s slow but rewarding work.

What are you thankful for this month?

10 thoughts on “Thankful: July 2015

  1. I am thankful for my 14th wedding anniversary this month.
    I am thankful for the new place we are moving to in the next few days.

    I also celebrate with you and happy birthday in arrears to your mum.

    • Happy 14th wedding anniversary, Nitty—what a great milestone! May God continue to keep you and your sweetheart in love, connected, and raising your family.

      I’ve also prayed for a smooth move to your new place—I hope you’re able to settle in nicely and that you love this place all the more.

      Thank you for the support and have a great weekend!

  2. Before I say what I am thankful for I will like to commend you on your scopes. Yes I haven’t watched them of late *maybe I will catch one today or watch a replay soon* but I am commending you because you keep going. I like the fact that you remain authentic to yourself in the face of it all * your ‘scruffy’ hair as against other people’s scopes on fleek*. You keep at it even though that zone might not be comfortable for you but you are still doing it. Good job at taking the steps.
    I can relate with your 6 because I am also a wantrepreneur but I don’t even know where to start or what I can offer. I am taking your advice not to overthink it.
    I am reassuring you about your 4 because even though your heart feels sad that you don’t get that shiny, big screen, more GB phone, your head did right; Because in a few months there will be a bigger, better phone than the one you are craving for right and now and this one will just be old news.
    I am thankful for life especially spending time with my family this summer and all the things we are experiencing. Seeing life through the lens of a little child and watching them grow.It is a beautiful thing and I am so grateful. My daughter had a birthday this month and I just couldn’t believe that the baby I held in arms just yesterday, the one I was shocked they were letting us take home is all of 7 years old.

    I am thankful for self awareness and contentment especially in these times of instant gratification and the I wants, there are still people who live simple lives.
    Here’s to a great August.

    PS: I apologize for the long comment, I should probably take this love on to my blog too and post some lines.

    • Hi Okeoghene! I appreciate your kind words re: Periscope! If I hadn’t already decided to keep going, your words would have been motivation. I bought a lipstick during a recent trip to the States and I put it on for a scope last week but since I don’t wear lipstick I kind of looked like a clown! lol I wiped it off and scoped au naturel :)

      A fellow wantrepreneur! Ok, we need to rub minds and make our dreams come true! Figuring out what you want to do is hard but some good advice I’ve read is to brainstorm what you love doing, and also what you’re skilled at, and see where they overlap: this might lead to some ideas of potential business ideas. Over-thinking is a big no-no (says the girl who is always over-thinking!). You’ll also need to think about whether you want an online-based biz or one where you interact in-person with people.

      Man, you’re so right about the phone thing! There IS always something more drool-worthy coming out so let me sit here with my old phone and be patient.

      Thank God for your daughter’s life and your family time…these are wonderful things to treasure. I hope you’ve been able to take lots of pictures—your daughter will enjoying looking back at them in the future.

      Self awareness and contentment are good qualities to have…Instant gratification is tempting (ahem, the phone thing) and I’ve compared myself and my life to others’ and their lives too many times to mention. Learning to be content will likely be a life-long journey for me.

      I LOVED your comment so please feel free to leave long comments anytime! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love your scopes! Your excitement is infectious and I can’t wait to see you in person.

    “I’m thankful for improved business clarity…” Oh my goodness, yes. I have been waddling in a pool of ideas for months but it feels good to narrow my niche and tweak as I go.

    Let’s kick perfectionism to the curb! :)

    • Thanks Margaret—you’ve been so supportive and I appreciate you. I can’t wait for all the wonderful things you’re cooking up to drop!

  4. PERFETTO!!! Now, how on earth does Periscope work?!?! I joined but I’m so lost. Even Snapchat.


    I’m thankful that I got to see my dad a couple of weeks ago, and also extended family in Abuja. Thankful that even though the car developed an issue, we drove to and fro safely. I’m thankful that I didn’t gain any weight this month too because I haven’t been exercising as much, and I’ve been eating poorly.

    • Lol Berry…ok, I found a Periscope resource that I think you’ll find useful, Kim Garst’s ebook Periscope 101.

      Family is great—so glad you had some family time and safety is a wonderful thing to be thankful for—God is good!

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