Thankful: June 2013


June is my favourite month. First of all, it’s the month that summer starts and warm weather is always a huge plus when you live in my corner of Canada and deal with temperatures that can reach 40 degrees Celcius…below zero! And my birthday falls near the middle of the month so that’s also great.

It’s the last Thursday of the month, so it’s time for June’s Thankful Thursday:

  1. I’m thankful for another year of life—I turned 34 on June 18! This gratefulness will never go away. A colleague was telling me last week that cancer took the life of the father of her brother’s best friend who committed suicide last year–two deaths within a year in the same family. There’s a lot of sadness in this world, a lot of people taken before their time (at least that’s what we think; God knows better). I’m thankful that I still get to be here.

    Thirty-four is a significant number of years: I’m a full-fledged adult now (hehe, I guess I have been for a while!). After this year I’ll enter a new age bracket in those surveys where they ask you to enter which age range you fall into. I’m sure my parents’ minds are blown when they realize that the first baby they ever had is now thirty-four, and their youngest child is 25. We’re all adults and God has been so good to our family.

    The only problem I had with being 34 is concern about finding a man who will be open to marrying a woman in her mid thirties from the point of view of fertility or reproductive abilities. But guess what? God has intervened! Nope, I haven’t found a husband or fiancé, nor am I pregnant, but I’ve been trusting God more. I am convinced that when I connect with the right man for me, my age will not be a factor in his decision to choose me as the mother of our children, and also God will give us the children we so dearly want (as long as that’s part of his plan for us). So worries begone: I’m loving every additional year of life!


    I have huge plans for this year, all on the entrepreneurial front and I’ve been making small movements in that direction. I’m praying that God will help them come to pass.
  2. I’m so thankful for my mom’s regular doctor (general practitioner, GP) and her new endocrinologist.

    I’m in love with our GP (I have the same one as my mom): I would propose to him even though he’s not Yoruba or even African, except he’s already married with three young boys. Being a doctor was clearly this man’s calling: I have never in my life interacted with a doctor who just cares so much about his patients. He had been unhappy with my mother’s endocrinologist for a while (he felt the endocrinologist wasn’t so concerned my mom’s well-being; that he was just going through the motions of doctoring, and having gone with my mom to one of her appointments with this guy, I agree!). Our GP opened a new medical practice and connected my mother with a new endocrinologist who seems to share his passion for the work they do. The two doctors are working together with my mom to keep her healthy and I could not be more grateful for this.
  3. I live in such a beautiful city! It’s easy to forget this because you get used to it and take it for granted but during a walk last week I was able to really see the world around me and I felt such gratitude for the beauty. I meant to take a picture of peonies (one of my favourite flowers): I love those huge blossoms.
  4. I’m thankful that my sister is doing well in Nigeria. Her husband is caring and we’ve been able to keep in touch fairly well thanks to Viber. Now if only Nigeria would get its act together regarding electricity–that’s probably my sister’s main complaint!
  5. My cousin in Nigeria gave birth to a healthy baby girl two days ago! I cannot wait to see pictures and I’m so thankful that smart phones have made keeping in touch with family in Nigeria easier, more convenient, and less expensive.

What are YOU thankful for?

4 thoughts on “Thankful: June 2013

  1. After reading your write up for this thursday, I blessed the name of God for your health and your mum’s health. I am happy your sister in Nigeria is doing well. I thank God for your progress business. I thank God for today because am still your good friend and brother. I thank God am still alive.

    • Thank you, Bode!

      I thank God with you for these blessings in your life and yes o, we’re friends for sure!

  2. Thankful for Jesus. Can’t imagine this world without him; hard-pressed on every side, yet, there’s a peace that preserves and a hope that stays alive. Being more than conquerors in all things through Christ Jesus is priceless! (cost Him his life, though) :)

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