Thankful: June 2014

Summer is here with a vengeance—and so are the mosquitoes! The things for which I’m thankful this month are almost as numerous as the mosquito bites I got last weekend!

  1. My nephew celebrated two months of life this month. He’s such a sweetheart and it’s wonderful to see him growing and changing every few days. I am definitely thankful for his life and his good health. He had his first set of immunizations this month and I’m thankful for the health care system in place to provide care to Canadians from birth.
  2. So I learned Father’s Day seems to be on the same day in most countries, whereas Mother’s Day isn’t. We celebrated Father’s Day a week early since my dad would not be around for the day. My dad is an incredible man, so full of integrity and a desire to help us be our best selves, so any opportunity to honour him is one that I take full advantage of.
  3. I celebrated 35 years of life last week and I’m so happy to be alive! I wrote much more about that in my last post. I received a watch from my parents early, and have been rocking it for a while, and my sister and nephew got me a bracelet with a “Lots of Love” charm. I thoroughly enjoyed going for dinner with my friends, which is our tradition, and I appreciate the birthday wishes I received in the comments of the last post and the phone calls—I felt pretty special!
  4. I worked at a clothing store part time for over 10 years and the best part of the job was meeting three girls who I’m still friends with today. The four of us try to meet for dinner two or three times a year, to catch up on each other’s lives. The first wedding in the group took place two years ago and the other two women are getting married this year—in fact, one got married this past weekend! I was happy to be at the celebration of their love. Two things stuck out at me during the wedding reception: the groom, who we hadn’t met before, came over to our table and introduced himself—he came across as quietly confident and classy—I was impressed. Because they were leaving for their honeymoon the next day, the bride and groom left the wedding around 10:00pm, but not before gathering with the groomsmen in a circle and saying a word of prayer. They didn’t call any attention to themselves and most guests didn’t notice, but it was nice to see their faith out in the open.
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  6. When I was younger, I wished for an older brother, not because he would be wise and helpful (my dad is great for that!) but so that his friends could form my pool of potential husbands! Well, now I have a brother-in-law who’s about nine months older than I am and no, I don’t expect him to play matchmaker! However, he has brought encouragement and wisdom to me over these couple of years that I’ve known him and I’ve been really blessed by it (and him). He’s a good man (he reminds my sister and I of my dad, which is always a good sign!) and I’m glad that God matched him with my sister.
  7. A couple of relationships in my life (brother, friend) have been slowly restoring, and I thank God for that, especially the slow part of the restoration. In the past I would have wanted things to move along more quickly; not anymore. One recording of Joyce Meyer’s that has stuck with me says something like maybe when we’re crushed by the demise of a relationship it’s because God is trying to tell us that we placed too much trust or importance on that relationship to begin with, that God is the only one we should need with that intensity, and we should be able to walk away from everyone else. This is a level of dependence on God that I haven’t reached yet—it’s not easy!
  8. I’m so thankful that each day is new, and brings an opportunity to do better. Despite my thankful posts and generally positive vibe, I am so flawed that I need God’s grace every 30 minutes! Gossip is a vice that I’m trying to conquer, and so is not minding my own business! I’m continually struck by the fact that for many people I’m the only example of a Christian that they see, and I’m not a good example, so that’s why I look forward to the second chances a new day brings.

    And speaking of bad habits, my girl Joyce (Meyer again) says that rather than focusing on your bad habit that you need to get rid of, focus instead on adding good habits to your life rather than dwelling on the bad. By doing this you can get to the point where there isn’t space for the bad—makes sense to me!

Name one person you’re thankful for this month.

14 thoughts on “Thankful: June 2014

  1. I love the simplicity, yet great depth of your thankful posts. Very sincere..
    I agree so much with what Joyce Meyer said about not putting so much trust in a relationship/person that the end brings some sort of devastation. I know what that means and a few times, I have had to do a personal evaluation, and repentance for putting another human being on such a HIGH pedestal..
    I join you in thanking God for all your testimonies :-) and for the weddings too..
    Thank God for your nephew – I believe he’s the son of your sister who got married recently in Nigeria? Wow.. Time sure flies quick!
    I pray for many more reasons to be thankful for you GNG xx

    • Thanks so much, Ayo! Your support of this blog by reading is much appreciated.

      And yes, my nephew is the son of my sister who got married on April 6, 2013 (good memory!). He was born on April 6, 2014! Amazing right?

  2. Love reading your thankful posts! Though I couldn’t see your faces, with you and your friends at the wedding, what I did see looked like a nice picture :-)

    May the Lord continue to bless you and fill your cup and may you never run dry for reasons to be thankful.

    • Aww, thanks Highly Favored! Amen—thank you for that prayer.

      I had to hide our faces for my friends’ privacy. :)

  3. I love your attitude of gratitude! it is so very infectious :-)
    I am thankful for so many things and one of them is you!…..yes you!
    I am very thankful for you dear friend. Thankful that you took time out of your busy schedule to help me tweak my blog and answer my very random questions in a very nice and friendly manner void of any irritation or vexation :-)
    You are such a “nize” person :-)
    May the sound of joyfulness and rejoicing never cease from your life…and your blog!

  4. Enjoyed the post and you are rocking that dress especially since it highlights my favorite color; purple :)
    Anyhow, I am thankful for my mom this month because she loves me unconditionally and feels me up with inspiration constantly. She is my shero! lol

  5. I thought I left a comment on this post?? :/

    Anyway, Jummy, I’m amazed each time you whip out a thankful post. Your thoughts on restoration of relationships struck a chord with me—a reminder that there’s someone I need to REALLY forgive. Thank you! :)

    • Oh that’s great, Maggie! I hope that you’re able to resolve that issue—it’s not always easy to forgive, even though you know that it’s required from you as a child of God and it’s something you do for yourself rather than another person.

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