Thankful: June 2015

June is my favourite month: the weather is warm and it’s my birthday month as well and being alive to share a thankful post is always a good thing! Without further ado, on to the thankful points!

::one:: I have to start this thankful post off with a huge shoutout to my brother-in-law. He really went the extra mile for me this month, investing his time on a project that I could not have done without his help, because the work had to be done in Lagos. I’m so thankful that he was there for me. He’s been a good in-law from the beginning, calling to say hello and encouraging me with scripture, but his help in this matter has cemented our relationship for me. I cannot thank him enough, literally! I thank God for giving him the strength to do all I asked of him.

::two:: My brothers arrived home safely from their travels in Europe last month, thank God! Usually when a family member is traveling, especially by plane, I’m anxious, checking the flight tracker online, but with the boys I didn’t much about it. God has been faithful so many times before, I believed He would be faithful again, and I know I have no power in the situation so it’s best to let go and let God!

::three:: I’m thankful to have celebrated my 36th birthday last week. Thirty-six years—I cannot believe it! I am sooooooooo thankful to God for another year on His earth, and you can read my birthday blog post for more. The life I’m living, while good, is not my dream life (I’m working through the questions I posed a few entries back so I know what I want and how to get them). I dread the hard work ahead but I want the benefits so I don’t have a choice. A year from now I want to look back and be astonished by all that I’ve been able to accomplish by taking action and not being afraid. Pray for me in this area!

::four:: As I’ve shared before, I don’t have a great relationship with the elder of my two younger brothers, but there have been some improvements. Things improve for a while, then they backslide, but both of us are maturing and this is helping the relationship—baby steps. We spent some one-on-one time together on my birthday at his initiation and I had a good time. When I saw him later in the weekend, things went well too. I assure you that only God could have gotten us to this point and I know that He will take us even further!

::five::My friends and I have a tradition of going out for dinner to celebrate birthdays and this year was no exception. We usually stay close to home but I wanted to go downtown and they graciously acquiesced. My buddy E and his wife usually offer to drive me to the restaurant—it’s a simple gesture that always makes me feel special! I’m thankful for my friends.

::six:: Even though it’s summer and temperatures are nearly 30 degrees Celsius at the peak of the day, I’m glad that we’ve had cooler evenings so I haven’t had to turn on my air conditioner this month. The longer I can go without using the AC, the more money I save!

::seven:: I’m thankful that my youngest brother has found a new job. Although I don’t understand baby bro’s job philosophy, God continues to take care of him in the big city and provide him with opportunities to explore different aspects of his chosen career. Even though I don’t get him, I admire the way he embraces change and expects that things will work out—it’s a good outlook to have.

::eight:: I’m thankful for change because I believe it will lead to greater things. You may or may not have noticed that I changed the look of my blog a bit: I’m no longer “murdering the Yoruba language”, a tagline that I loved for so many years and still love. Instead I’m an “ordinary woman pursuing an extraordinary life”. I wanted a tagline that reflected who I am and who I want to become. I’ve been hesitant to put things out there because I have a bad track record for getting things done but being authentic is important to me. There are things I want to do and I probably won’t do it all or do it as quickly as I want to but that’s normal. I’m not perfect and I will make mistakes but I will keep going and not let setbacks faze me.

What are you thankful for this month?

6 thoughts on “Thankful: June 2015

  1. I join you to give thanks to GOD also for all you listed. He that is thankful in little will be thankful in much. I see you appreciate every little gesture which is a virtue, I like. I am thankful for everything.

    • Thank you, Nitty! I can tell that you have a grateful heart (I’ve been on the receiving end of your thanks!). May God continue to bless you and your family.

  2. June is one of my favourite months too as it’s my birth month…it was however tainted with having my dad’s funeral this year though.
    I’m thankful all the same that i’m alive and well and officially in my mid thirties and also that my dad lived a good life.

    • Thank God for your father’s life, the wonderful memories you must have of him, and the great lessons and insights that I’m sure he brought to your life. I am sorry for your loss though, Tolu.

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