Thankful: June 2016


I turned on Lara George’s Dansaki and danced while singing it out loud before posting this blog post. Even though I’m sick, it felt good to praise God because He has been so good to me and to my family. And on this last Thursday of June, it’s time to share those things that I’m thankful for.

  1. God gets all the glory and praise for seeing my mom through two eye surgeries, one on the last day of May and the second one almost two weeks ago. Within a day of the surgeries, she could see the positive impact of them and things keep improving. I’m thankful that months of prayer were answered, and the horrible possible outcomes suggested by the devil were defeated.

    What a faithful God we serve! After God sees us through a tough situation—as He always does—I’m left wondering why I was so worried. Despite having prayed about these surgeries for months, I was worried and scared and the devil got to me many times. But I kept praying and I had at least a little faith that everything would be ok. I asked others to pray as well and the prayer that one of the women in my small group sent to me by text gave me so much peace as I waited for the first surgery to be over. If you’re prone to worrying and praying simultaneously, listen to what 50 Cent (I know) says to Oprah on the topic. Basically, we can either worry or pray, but it’s pointless to do both.
  2. I’m another year older as of June 18th! You cannot believe how glad I am to see another year! God, thank you. Please help me to use this life that you gave me in a meaningful way. Forgive me for taking this gift of life for granted, for the abuse I’ve inflicted on this body you’ve given me, for my complacency and failure to live up to my full potential. God, I pray for renewal in this new year I’m entering. I pray for the wisdom to seek You first. I am thankful for the work You are doing within me.

    I had a lovely day: I met with my mastermind group that morning and they put some much-needed fire under my bottom, I went for brunch with my family afterward, then relaxed with my dad, sister, and brother in law before I went for dinner with my friends. As a family, we went for dinner and had cake the following evening. I received lovely gifts from my family. I was so touched by the people who took the time to call me and wish me a happy birthday—not at all the people I would have expected. And I received a thoughtful gift from Margaret, again quite unexpected but very much appreciated.
  3. For the past two months, I’ve been going for physiotherapy for my knee. The cost of my first seven visits was covered through my work, but I’ve more than exhausted that coverage by now. I mentioned that I would have to come to physio less often due to the cost, and my physiotherapist asked me how much I could pay. I gave an amount that was two-thirds of what I was paying and after filling out some paperwork I was approved to pay this reduced amount! I’m glad that I spoke up and thankful that a solution was found. When I told my mom what happened she said that I should have offered to pay a lower amount—that is a very Naija response!

    My physiotherapist is currently on vacation and I was sure her replacement wouldn’t do as good a job as she does. Well, guess what? He’s way better because he spends more time doing the physical manipulations which I find most helpful for my situation. This is yet another lesson for me on worrying for no reason: God has my back; He gives good gifts. Period.
  4. I’m so thankful for the support my family gives me with my entrepreneurial ideas. Several people in an online group that I’m a part of said that their family doesn’t support or encourage them. On the way to my birthday dinner, my brother was in the car while I was talking to someone from my mastermind group and he asked me afterwards what we were talking about. When I told him he challenged me to do something related to my business and he put his money where his mouth was, literally. I gave him back his money, promising I would do what I needed to do but he refused, saying even if I didn’t do it, I should keep the money as a symbol. When I sent him a text message to say I did it, he said he had checked and saw that I did it, that he was proud of me. Given my history with this brother, the ability to have these sorts of interactions are a true gift that I thank God for. Five years ago, even two years ago, I thought my relationship with this sibling would always be broken; but this was yet another thing that started improving the moment I put it in God’s hands.
  5. We made it to the halfway point of 2016 and that is a huge thankful point. I found out this week that one of my youngest brother’s friends died this month—whenever someone dies, especially at a young age, it drives home the importance of living one’s life to the fullest. If your life doesn’t look as you expected, congratulations: you’re normal. But you can get to where you want to be: do the work to change the things in your life that aren’t working. If you don’t know what’s wrong or missing, or if you need help making the changes, talk to someone. There is no shame in this: counsellors, therapy, and coaches exist for this reason. Do what you have to do to live your best life.

So, tell me: what are you thankful for this month?

9 thoughts on “Thankful: June 2016

  1. Am thankful to God for something and everything!
    I smiled when i read the part where Your Mum says you should have mentioned a lower price – My Mom also said that to me (indeed, Naija response) lol
    I too is currently not feeling well so much that i had to break my fast (the muslim 30days fast is currently on in Nigeria) so as to take medication | i guess you have read the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill deducing this from your mentioning of mastermind group

  2. Thank God for your mum’s surgeries that went well! Good eyesight is something to be grateful for!

    Also, Happy Belated Birthday!!! May God bless you more than you can imagine!

    And finally, it’s great that you have your family’s support. Like you said, a lot of people don’t have that but it’s very important in life.

  3. Awwwww Happy Belated Birthday Jummy!

    Joining you to thank God for all these wonderful testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

    Thank God for blessing you with such a beautiful family! I remember reading a few times here about the estranged relationship with your brother… God is so good! Thank God for restoring your relationship.

    God bless you and make this your best year thus far xx

  4. Jummy, I know this is mega late, but happy birthday!!! I can’t count how many times I nodded my head in agreement as I read this post. There is so much to be thankful for. Also, just like you, I am always praying to God to forgive me for not living to my fullest potential. I feel so guilty!! I’m sorry about your brother’s friend; that’s so sad and unfortunate. LOL @ what mom said. Of course!! And I don’t need physiotherapy, but it’ll sure be nice to get one everyday. But for free oh!

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